It contains music from the second series, composed by Tomoki Hasegawa , along with the opening theme and the three ending themes. Wow, first time meeting Chiri’s sister and I already like her character XD Lolz at her at messing up her surroundings every second The episode ends at the hospital as the entire class waits for Nozomu to leave surgery. Rin is home and bored but, because she cannot leave her estate, in order to get the near ramen shop she buys and destroy all the houses on the way. The laughing part is something I can relate to, but it just seemed a little odd The anime carries this further through a washed-out, grainy visual style that mimics film, and frequent use of katakana rather than hiragana as okurigana. It’s not that she’s making the mess, it’s just that mess comes to her! While Nozomu makes a visit to a Tsundere cafe in Akihabara , he finds numerous instances where unnecessary premises are made.

His peaceful solitude is short-lived; as he soon realizes that Matoi, naturally, has followed him into his cell. He is saved by an extremely optimistic student known only as Kafuka Fuura though in her effort to save his life, she almost kills him. Ultimately, he decides to also reject the regular audience from the show. It was first released in Japan on January 23, and was published by King Records. The OP was funny and crazy where all girls falling from the sky Chiri finds out Nozomu standing in front of a Police box, he tells her that he’s training to confess. People, in fact, ask questions about things they have already analized and chosen.

Media Blasters licensed the first Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei anime series in February and was going to release the first English-subtitled DVD volumes in May[5] but it was put on hold until when they dropped the rights to the series.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Bangaichi Episode 1 Discussion

She’s tinking about marryinging sensei! Sayomara the cleaning, Nozomu keeps wishing that humans can hibernate and finally he and the regular cast decide to take a winter hibernation. It was first released in Japan on July 23, and was published by King Records. Finally, Perry learns the lesson that he shouldn’t try to open up everything in the world. A number of Nozomu’s students act inappropriately, expecting themselves not to appear in front of the audience.

Political epusode does bangiachi substitute for genuine humor, as much as this series would like to pretend otherwise. After Nozomu contradicts himself, saying that a mistake was the correct action, Kafuka reasons that if a mistake comes to light, it is correct, resulting in many people approaching her, confessing their mistakes, making them correct.


Nozomu initially hopes to use her to bring up the class average; his attitude subsequently shifts to horror at the thought of an obnoxious ‘returnee’ that corrects his English, then fear that she will sue him for sexual harassment. This page was last edited on 5 Februaryat He runs into Nozomu in the shadows, who begins to talk about how some people are destined to be overshadowed by others, no matter how hard they work.

The first part of this episode introduces Ai Kaga, a girl who always takes the blame for everything, even though it is not her fault.

The third part of the episode shows what happened between Nozomu’s nephew, Majiru Itoshiki, and Kiri Komori while the alien invasion of the ‘A Painter by the Roadside’ episode was undergoing outside the house. BBCode My anime blog. He pursues Abiru’s father while he shops, causing him a great deal of inconvenience, before discovering Abiru’s obsession with pulling the tails of dangerous animals.

LOL at the ever-expanding harem. D at first thought she was voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro. I am zetsibou of them.

I expected something like goku, but meh.

It’s filed with the other ‘zan’ episodes but with OAD or something tacked onto the end. Kimura is a blonde girl with multiple personality disorder stemming from cultural identity confusion Kaere: Zettsubou show features six special broadcast. Nozomu tells them that it is important to spot mistakes, and he instructs the class on how life is filled with mistakes.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei OVA – 01

Nozomu’s colleague, Jinroku, is the only one able to withstand the inspection 24 hours a day. After escaping from the Excessive Care Guardian’s Club, Nozomu finds all his leisure options restricted due to excessive care. Wow, first time meeting Chiri’s sister and I already like her character XD Lolz at her at messing up her surroundings every second The second part of the episode has the class undergo criticism training.

Just like they’re implying, the part about the laughing when you don’t get something, just to be part of it, seemed really forced. Right before he jumps off a cliff, Kafuka suggests he “mock marry” a girl of the ‘Holy Nosebleed Empire’.


Nozumu distracts them by deciding to judge the “social worth” of students so that they will know whether they are living “above their station”. In the end Kiri goes to school but decides to be a hikikomori there. In the next part of the episode, Nozomu is complaining about the over-decoration of various things in Japanese society. In the third part of the episode, many things in the world are not divided exactly half and half despite their claim.

Subsequently, Nozomu is constantly drawn to many other dramatic situations despite his desperate attempts of escape.

Matoi decides they should use these tactics to get more laughs from the low minded viewers by using complicated word gags.

This is also the only occasion where the most popular Vocaloid character Hatsune Miku makes an appearance in the anime. There the monk enlightens them about the use of previews. Ultimately, Maria decides to tackle the government of Japan arguing that Japan isn’t paying enough attention on its national security matter during the peace time while the neighborhood countries are posing as a threat.

Zan Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Bangaichi –

At the end, many of Nozomu’s students’ hidden secrets are exposed, though some of them are merely his imagination. Being in a queue clogged up by a woman who’s seeking for changes in front of the counter, Nozomu notices how Japan has become the Paradise for spies who try to wreak havoc among the population. The shampoo with Shampoo on it was crazy! Nozomu is sick of hearing the same thing about himself over a million times and he sympathizes with other people, who epieode experienced a similar situation for countless zettsubou in their life.

It was first released in Japan on February 26, and was published by King Records. Archived from the original on September syaonara, Nozomu asks him to prove that he is indeed his nephew, and then asks all of his students to prove that they are real. Earth gets angry after a kick in the face.