XD It will still be black and white, but at least it’s something? I’m gonna ask him when the next one’s going to be. Yeah he would, cause Dimitri’s a f bleep kin’ idiot! Originally Posted by mabaliciousness. You Wouldn’t Hit a Girl , would you? C’mon, let’s go, three on three, Red versus Blue, no camp kills, we’ll fuck you up! The Arrival of Susan 6. Is that your gimmick?

If you look to your left you’ll see your home for the next four years, filled with shadow riders, a white dorm, alternate universes and the main character turning inexplicably evil. Shut up and enjoy the view! And another thing -! Visit Die Einzelganger’s homepage! We won’t mess this up. But seriously, he’s no duelist.

Originally Posted by mabaliciousness. And Syrus’s unintentionally hilarious injuries.

Yu-Gi-Oh Gx! The Abridged Series (Episode 1)

Shadyvoc Cut to outside. I’m going to beat you, Zane. That’s a very good argument, I think you should pay attention to what he says.


You are asking me that? Why this sounds like a marvelous idea! You were actually- Blair: I don’t believe anything you say! I burn the living crap out of them. Find all posts by Die Einzelganger. Find all posts by mabaliciousness. Hey, guys look at that badly drawn bush! But I’m not done! You better fucking walk away.

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Inside your nightmares Blurb: So let me get this straight Beat You’re a shaeyvox. This is your captain. Yeah, well I didn’t struggle fitting into his mama. Jaden didn’t make a mistake. Good, because that would make you a big- Jaden: This place is crazy! There’s a duel going on.

Chumley, are you alrig You’re free to choose any partner you wish to help you. XD It will still be black and white, but at least it’s something?

I don’t even sound anything like blah blah blah blah If it weren’t for this freeze frame I’d come down there and kick your ass! Gets smacked in the eye with shadyvoc tennis ball Oh God, not again! But, oh, I don’t believe you!


I’m Jaden, and I’m Flawless 2.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Abridged Series / Funny – TV Tropes

Because making a deck out of your favourite thing is dumb and stupid! So we got in a fight today and my friend got killed!

To you, everyone is just an obstacle. Trust me, those arms are good for only two things.