By Seema Yadav views. A few days later, Kalki gets a feeling that Meera is really Sudha’s daughter. The doctor fails to save Sudha’s life. By Sudarshan News views. Reena praises Prithvi for rescuing her from Rohan and considers him as her brother. Will she be able to do so? By The Synergies views.

Will Prithvi break Meera’s promise? She becomes heartbroken as Ishwar is with Meera, and vows to change her fate. The Panchs said that Data had said a very big lie. Meera and Prithvi constantly have romance moments with each other and slowly Prithvi develops feelings for Meera, but does not WANT to express or admit that he loves Meera. Meera also meets panditji, the owner of a temple. Shaalu becomes surprised on seeing Ishwar at home.

Meera encourages Prithvi to listen to his heart and express his feelings for her, but in vain.

Will Prithvi be able to find out Sudha’s murderer? By Chennai Channel views. He confesses that he murdered Sudha to bring Meera back in his life. Ishwar asks Laakhan to take care of Ramdhari.

Prithvi makes Shaalu realise about her misdeeds. In DelhiMeera finds out that her Bittu has cancer and she needs all the love she can get. While grooming Meera for her onlne, Sudha notices Prithvi’s name written on her hand. Prithvi said he has an answer. A priest assures Meera of bringing Prithvi’s memory back. Prithvi soon realises to that Akash has done the crime.


Meera realises this and remains silent.

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He finds a receipt of the shop, from where the murderer purchased a wire. Ishwar takes Meera to a house. Shallu decorates a room for Prithvi. He gifts her with a necklace, but she refuses to wear it.

She wondered how her video reached the village. Meera tricks Prithvi and escapes with his gun.

Junoon Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq – 27th August 2013 – Ep 210

aisj Meera sat there in shock. Datta arrives and so do the members of the Panchayat. He makes Mishraji unconscious and keeps him as captive.

We try to take out time from our work for our passion i. Extra highlighting knline give you a dewy, shimmery and sprightlier glow. She figures out that Prithvi had come to the poolside to meet her, and misunderstood about her relationship with Akash.


Aakash informs Meera that he cannot tell Rajiv about her marriage with Prithvi. Meera just stands there in shock and feels betrayed.

Junoon Aisi Nafrat Toh Kaisa Ishq – 1st April 2013 – Ep 107

The next day Sarpanch came and told Data to give up his role of being a Sarpanch. Tere Ishq Mein Solo Singer: She points the gun at Ramdhari when he does not agree to go with her.

Akash intends to zisi Prithvi and Meera’s relationship. The story revolves around the love-hate relationship between Prithvi and Meera. Lakhan tries to ill-treat Meera by giving her to his men, but Jeevanlal informs Prithvi just in time. She berates them for misbehaving with him. Meera finds a link of the rosary, which Prithvi had brought for her. He plans to ruin Shaalu’s life, and wishes to seek Mishraji and Inspector Hudda’s support.