It also features an absurdly long introduction to the episode, which begins with the ancient Mayans. Marge and Homer kiss while the other Homers look on. Homer asks the man if he’s got enough cameras and extended warranty to catch the ghost. When everyone is gone, two particles collide with each other and create a small black hole which floats off. Homer says that he wants to try something new and he throws his dressing gown at the camera. Before Bart returns to , he tells Marge who is already angry at teenage Homer for strangling Bart and constant demanding over her to be his prom date to never get married to Homer. It earned a total viewership of 6. Just as he closes the trunk door, Bart sets off into the future.

Bart goes over to the mirror and lifts his cap. Despite the warning, Homer, Bart and Marge use it as a trash disposal , and Homer even opens a business allowing people to throw their junk into it. A Mayan Homer , who has been fattened up, showing that he is ready to be sacrificed, hears about it for the first time as he did not pay attention during orientation and attempts to back out to no avail. The idea of Bart travelling back in time came from James L. Satan says that it is “cinnamon”. Marge starts crying, saying that she brought this on the whole family.

Oh and by the way, outside of the Mayan segment Which doesn’t constitute as a segment Wiggum’s death is the ONLY death in this episode, I’m just putting that out there. Actiity of Springfield ends up being sucked up by the black hole and the only people left in Springfield are the Simpson family.

This page was last edited on 6 Februaryat He then heads back to the present, unaware that teenage Homer stows away. Now which seems more interesting? Rushmore; causing rivers of lava to appear, and splitting Earth into large fissures.

This causes everyone to be upset with Lisa Well considering the alternative, I don’t see how this is worse. Which is when he sees Professor Frink roll up in a goddamn time machine. Anonymous October 9, at 5: Lisa uses a stick to drag the black hole home, and it ends up sucking up Cletus’ home along the way. In a Paranormal Activity homage, [1] when strange events occur at the Simpson house, Homer sets up cameras to photograph what is haunting them.


Patty and Selma were in the attic trying to hail Satan when Marge came up and asked the two what they were doing. Homer tells Marge to shut up and go to the prom with him. Opera Homer says that Egyptian slave Homer should do it.

However, this is all easily avoided when Homer just promises to have a threeway with the demons. The citizens leave, but soon afterwards two things are traveling in the pipe of the super collider – a red light and a blue light. Episode Information Episode Number: Artie and Bartie roll their sleeves up and clench their fist – five minutes later they have beaten up all the Homers. Meanwhile, teenage Homer is a little horrified.

So after Lisa tells everyone to avoid feeding the black hole, Homer gets too close and gets his fingers extended a la “Stretch Dude” I half expected him to start raking up the clutter in the basement.

Maggie’s head should be turning a la The Exorcist So Marge breaks down and confesses that she’s to blame for Devil Moe as when she was a kid, she witnessed her sisters summoning the Devil in the attic and when he was summoned, Marge pleaded with him to spare them By the way, the young versions of the Bouviers SUCK, I have nothing against Kavner, but her age really shows as her ability to change voices is minimal and they all sound like their adult forms.

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When everyone is gone, two particles collide with each other and create a small black hole which floats off. Because the irony of something accidentally going in wouldn’t seem as contrived if she said “Feeding it more and more will cause it to reach critical mass”. The two then devise a plan to win Marge back. The black hole travels out of the pipe and into the center, where Groundskeeper Willie is asleep in a chair.

It even floats out of a window and manages to consume Ralph and Nelson before Lisa is able to spot it. The episode received a 3.

So after a few more people get sucked into the unnogmal Oh hi obligatory Ralph Wiggum cameo that’s there purely for fanservice Lisa decides to take the black hole home, she does this by sticking a stick into the hole It’s great to come across a xxiiu every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information.


Homer then asks her if there is TWO stray dogs, and this time Lisa says that it is a black hole – which was going to be Homer’s ‘next guess’.


Remember how everyone made such a big deal about the whole thing in ? So when they realize their mistake, Mayan Frink calculates what year the wrold will end and ends up withto which Mayan Quimby says they can blame Obama In Homer and Marge’s bedroom, Marge suddenly gets out of bed and walks to the other side of the bed – where Homer is sleeping. While Bart is about to set off, young Homer gets into the trunk of the car. Later on, Bart is using a whip to make petals fall off a daisy – which is in Nelson the butler’s mouth, saying “I love my life” and “I love it not” while Artie watches.

David Mandel Brian Kelley. The episode received generally positive reviews and received a Emmy nomination for Outstanding Animated Program. Artie says that he thought this might happen, so he mastered Brazilian jujitsu.

I suggest you all go out for some fresh air before going on the internet and saying how much this black hole sucks. Marge and Homer kiss while the other Homers look on.

S24 E02 – Treehouse of Horror XXIII

I try not to bother too much with continuity, my eyes would melt if I did. Bart is in the Android’s Dungeon looking at a Radioactive Man comic. But, Marge only has 30 years and when he returns, he will take her favorite child.

Artie performs a jujitsu treejouse and tells Homer to attack him. However, as the townsfolk sadly leave the building something remarkable happens.