I didn’t want the player to be ripped to shreds or become insane like everyone else on the station. There’s no level you can’t master, no cheat code you don’t know. This site works best with JavaScript enabled. That is the whole reason there was 2 parts. How many levels did Grim the pick need to be repaired in the Diamond Dimensions? Randomly Generated – More possible configurations than there are nanoseconds in years.

It’s over a downloads already! Today some friends and I play a Minecraft map called Blacklight! What youtuber has had a special appearence by Dan? D Thanks For Watching! What is Dan’s favorite color? I don’t think it is a good idea to enter a stranger’s mansion.. Which vlog has Dan done? Help me out and share it with your friends!

Sarah started out as a relativly normal character in Exodus Season 2, where she didn’t make her appearance, but her presence was known. Join my Minecraft Server: Which map has Dan released? You’re a pretty good read of people and like to think that you know how to make everyone feel happy. Exploring an abandoned house, I soon find out I’m far from alone There goes half of my theories for Exodus III Loved the teaser at the end of the map as well, although the entire map just reminded me of the infinity dungeon.

Just saw an excellent playthrough by ThnxCya so check it out!

An Interruption in Space. What are the two most annoying mobs in the Diamond Dimensions? You were left stranded with no hope other than for what may transpire in the future. As for the death scene of the player, I didn’t want it to be dramatic and high tension. Slendrina Horror Game in Minecraft at 3: What did Dan need from the nether in the xbox episode “Four Nether Deaths”? What did Dan make to celebrate getting 2, subscribers? Late is a scary Minecraft horror map where you’re late to work, sleep on the job, and wake up next to a dead body and spooky ghost haunting the I never finished part 2 after the Children.


Scary Minecraft Video RageElixir 4 meses. Is it a floor with lots of spawners? This test will prove that you are or you are not.

What mod is not in the diamond dimensions? What did Dan do with his candy machine after he used it? What does the fanmade enderman do in the Diamond Dimensions? What was thnccya scariest thing in Quarantine?

Dantdm Minecraft Horror Maps With Thnxcya

Is Sarah really even a hero, leaving me and the Captain to die like that after killing someone who probably wouldn’t even fight back Sam? Which vlog has Dan done? What is the name of one of his boats in xbox? This was a really awesome spin off map to the Exodus map series, and that ending has me pumped for Exodus Season 3: He wasn’t meant to have a big character arc since his role is so small in the big story.

Does Dan like cheesecake? I had to stop recording just to continue the map so people wouldn’t think I was becoming afraid of everything.


Exodus Quarantine has already gotten downloads within the first 36 hours! I can see where you are going with this, but it totally depends on what type of floor gets generated. Your mission is to tjnxcya the station and confirm that the Intern is dead and if necessary carry out the assassination.

More glow sticks, please! Thank you for your critique! Top 10 Minecraft Scary Worlds!

Dantdm With Thnxcya Minecraft Horror Maps

Hughes 5ive Gaming No Leaf Clover. She then spent 2 months inside the quarantine This is revealed in the LOG books If you horgor stuck in that maze for 2 months and you finally had a chance to escape I think anyone would take it. Also, one of the combinations doesn’t have the hyper-drive in it, It gives the rest of the items but the hyper-drive.