Previous Article Moseley Not Manson: Henenlotter and Gordon do this very well. The master of Italian gialli, Dario Argento, works his macabre magic with almost surgical skill with this one, bringing to life a tale so twisted that it sears itself into your memory with the same intensity as the original story upon which it’s based. The result is simply too uneven to be satisfying on any level. If I were involved in this garbage, I’d be afraid to show my face in public. The banquet was added for the sake of gross-out visuals and a stale “tastes like chicken” joke, but I wish the filmmakers had restrained themselves. None of these people should ever get any work in Hollywood ever again.

A morbid letter supposedly written by Washington about killing and eating children. Even though Washingtonians in the story threaten Franks’ family with being eaten the same way they do in the film, there is no banquet and it’s left somewhat vague how many adherents actually engage in the practice. Example of how bad this movie was: They’ve done a great job in getting the best horror directors and writers for the series. Probably my biggest problem with the episode is that it goes from being a straight forward cannibal story to a black comedy near the end. The last third of the episode focuses on the Washingtonians and their history. That is about all this has to offer in the joke category.

The director of this unusual tale is Peter Medak known for “Species 2” and “The Changeling” based on a story by up-and-coming horror writer Bentley Little who has been known as matsers Stephen King apprentice and a follower of Dean Koontz, neither title I’d wish to be known for. And possibly the biggest detriment is co-writer Schaech’s performance in the lead role–unable to emote or recite dialog convincingly, his presence leaves us rooting for the cannibals all the way Saul Rubinek–looking a lot like George Wendt–fares slightly better with his comedic bits.

I have been a fan of horror as a genre for most of my mazters life. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Of this group John Carpenter and Tobe Hooper may be the only directors you could call masters. But this not even sashingtonians, this is bad TV. Dialogue is clean and clear, the instrumental score sounds great, and there are no problems with hiss or distortion.

It plays like a children’s tale, as told by Roald Dahl after a talentectomy, that is. Please enter your username or email address. While it failed in that respect it succeeded by leaps and bounds at being incredibly hilarious and terribly campy. Od guys went deep and revealed some major psychological damage wasingtonians Turner.


Masters Of Horror: Peter Medak: The Washingtonians – Movie Reviews – Rotten Tomatoes

I really recommend this series for all horror fans who are tired of the new ghost films era, this is horrog school baby!!!! The director has complete control over his creation with out having to follow in rules that big feature films do.

As per usual, he manages to make even a middle-of-the-road story watchable by sheer dint of talent. Nice scenery but very un-scary and dreadfully unrealistic. These political die-hards never want it to be known that Washington liked to eat children and virgins!

Dante of “Gremlins” but then “Small Soldiers” uses such a transparently heavy hand that it robs the piece of any potential edge.

I was surprised to see that Jonathan Saech co-wrote the script — he’s totally gorgeous too. I want my 58 minutes back. It was very good for a horror series and there was plenty of good episodes. Through him we learn what changed between his short story that this episode was adapated from. Some reviewers here call the story retarded and the acting retarded I always think that’s a “retarded” way of reviewing a film but I don’t agree, I thought the family was likable and Saul Rubinek quite funny in the closing moments.

A discovery of harsh consequences Upon finishing, I will fashion tools out of their bones. Edit Storyline Following the death of his elderly grandmother, Mike Franks travels with his wife Pam and year-old daughter Amy to his grandmother’s old house where he accidentally finds an old letter hidden behind a portrait of George Washington.

He looks like a toy figure. I liked the restaurant scene where Franks becomes spooked by the meat-munching townspeople and leering waitress, but it would be just as effective resulting from paranoia and not a room full of cannibals. It was neither awesome, nor bad enough to be funny.

However, if only because of the idea that George Washington was a monstrous cannibal, it’s worth a look. He may not be today’s idea of a perfect man, but if you are going to come at him, it should at least be a little more complex than bad teeth and cherry jokes. And the plot was good.

It plays like a ‘Treehouse of Horror’ episode, but without the humor. During the course of this MoH entry the audience gets to see lots of costumes, cannibalism and dashingtonians violence.


It’s not scary, although I’m not sure if its supposed to be. Erview has been considered as a “thing of the past” for some time, and he had something to prove, so he tried harder. Levels all appear to be in check and there’s really very little to complain about here. The first one is successful and we cheer, but when she sets the second it gets old quick.

Brilliant series, not for the extremely young or humorless. Some of the top writers of the horror genre combined with the top directors in the genre to provide a series were each episode had a unique flare. A woman trained by her survivalist husband uses Rambo-like skills to escape a near-supernatural lunatic. The casting process for the bodyparts, fake teeth and other things are never shown, but there is a intricate look at a few props.

And who in God’s name has been giving decent ratings to this garbage? Jonny Metro is a cult and horror film fanatic, a latter-day beatnik, and a would-be writer. More perhaps we should point the finger at creator Mick Garris whose credentials include the logic defying and depressingly ill-advised TV remake of Stanley Kubrick’s revkew ‘The Shining’.

In trying to verify the authenticity of the letter, Mike becomes the target hkrror ‘the Washingtonians’; a secret society of various and powerful people who protect the secret life of the ‘Father of the Country’, and whom, like Washington Just when I thought John Carpenter had “lost his eye” for the genre. Liked the subtle moments suggesting early into the episode that Ethan Embry’s character is a racist tyrant psychopath.

The Washingtonians

This is no exception to the rule. She whisked away from all this by the leader of a band of rebels played nicely by Jonathan Tucker. Best viewed as a film festival, “Masters” is a unique if presumptuously titled anthology series made strictly by and for gorehounds liquidcelluloid-1 17 March At first he figures it’s some kind of sick joke, but that’s only until some very scary-looking dudes in Colonial dress come banging at the front door in the dead of night, demanding the letter