Alaric realizes Jo can’t be compelled, so he asks Elena to dig into her background. Stefan and Damon recall the horrific events of that resulted in their broken relationship when their father became a vampire hunter who targeted Katherine, and Stefan confronts Alaric over why he’s in Mystic Falls. Elena learns the truth about how Stefan and Damon became vampires back in , and Stefan struggles with whether he wants to continue to live. Season 1, Episode 9 November 12, The top companies in entertainment, media, sports, technology, and more. The second season begins with Elena discovering her uncle John’s bloody body and learning Jeremy’s fate, and Damon realizing that Katherine has returned. SpaceX launches the Nusantara Satu satellite. Meanwhile, Damon tries to resolve his conflict with Mason, and Tyler attempts to get Mason to tell him the truth about the Lockwoods’ dark past.

Fast Company Magazine How Mozilla moved fast to block Facebook and other privacy invaders from your web browser. Season 1, Episode 13 February 4, Elena’s past comes back to haunt her; Jo opens up to Alaric about her tragic past; Stefan, Matt and Enzo resort to extreme measures when Tripp withholds information about his vampire-killing operation; Sheriff Forbes gets caught in the middle of a dangerous plan; Tyler and Liv grow closer; and Damon stumbles upon a startling clue that renews his hope. Damon reveals to Stefan the actual reason why he returned to Mystic Falls and the news stuns Stefan. Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Because it’s never too early to plan Thursday night Why you should watch the Oscars, True Detective and more!

Season 2, Episode 2 September 16, Meanwhile, Tyler makes his second transformation into a werewolf when the full moon appears, and Damon reveals to Stefan a disturbing new development they must face.

February Full Issue. Meanwhile, Tyler discovers a video of his uncle’s first transformation into a werewolf, and Elena attempts to sacrifice her life to save her loved ones. Season 6, Episode 15 February 19, Season 6, Episode 21 May 7, Meanwhile, Caroline attempts to get Damon’s medallion back from Bonnie, and Damon offers to help Sheriff Forbes, which leads to tragedy. Video How Bumble re-engineered online connections for women Founder and CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd wanted to combat bad online behavior by letting women make the first move in dating and business.


Fast Company Magazine Unity Technologies helps developers use 3D animations for movies, architecture, cars, and more. Stefan and Damon recall the horrific events of that resulted in their broken relationship when their father became a vampire hunter who targeted Katherine, and Stefan confronts Alaric over why he’s in Mystic Falls.

Season 1, Episode 11 January 21, Meanwhile, Enzo enlists Matt’s help to interfere in the life of Stefan’s great-niece; Stefan keeps a close watch on Caroline when she unconventionally attempts to cope with everything going on around her; and Jeremy contemplates leaving Mystic Falls for good.

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Season 2, Episode 16 February 24, Season 6, Episode 2 October 9, Stefan and Damon attempt to learn the identity of a new vampire who is threatening Elena, and they accompany her to a school dance with a s theme pllly they hope to lure the vampire. Caroline gives her friends an unexpected ultimatum.

Season 6, Episode 14 February 12, Meanwhile, Bonnie learns the truth about Ben, and Anna searches for the Gilbert journal that holds the secret to opening Katherine’s tomb.

Meanwhile, Damon arranges a dinner party for Elijah and plots to kill him during dessert.

The revelation sends her searching for the truth. Add to Watchlist Added. Season 1, Episode 8 November 5, Green Book Wins Best Picture.

The Vampire Diaries

Elena prepares polly the sacrifice ritual planned by Klaus. The Complete List 6. Season 2, Episode 20 April 28, Season 2, Episode 15 February 17, With the popularity of brands such as Dollar Shave Club, Birchbox, and Loot Crate, more and more Americans are having goods regularly delivered to their doorstep.


Green Book Wins Best Picture.

Kai holds Elena captive while he learns to control his newly acquired magic; Epsiode and Alaric prepare Jo for the impending merge ceremony with Kai; Caroline travels with Stefan to North Carolina in search of a cure for her mother’s cancer; Enzo demands to know what Stefan is hiding.

Caroline wakes up in the hospital and is horrified to learn that she is turning into a vampire. Season 1, Episode 4 October 1, La La Land 6. Season 2, Episode 22 May 12, Season 1, Episode 21 May 6, Damon and Elena embark on a plan to rescue Damon’s mother who vamoire trapped in a prison world.

Design Ikea hit with new class action lawsuit alleging age discrimination. Season 2, Episode epksode October 7, The Best Jokes of the Oscars 7. Meanwhile, Elena reevaluates her life as a vampire when she learns Jo is pregnant; Enzo opens up about his tragic past; and Tyler and Matt land in a dangerous situation due to a twisted round of karaoke. Elena invites Liam to attend a party at seasn corn maze; Caroline helps Stefan clean up a mess created by Enzo; Alaric and Jo try to save lives after a devastating accident; Tyler is put in a dangerous position when his werewolf curse is put to the test; Damon and Bonnie make an important discovery that affects their quest to get back home.

Season 6 ends with Elena in jeopardy when an dlaries guest arrives.