I mean she ccoouuulldddd but she would have to put on some weight and train intensively regarding acting wise. After watching Nicki Manaj last night on the Billboards Awards and her many different hair styles I agree wholeheartingly. Jan 23, After his incarceration, his wife has no safety net, and she does not have the means to continue making herself attractive. Winter had DDs,thick, and very explicit and cut throat. Willow Smith would not be a good actress for this role. More Than a Street-Lit Author”.

It will most definitely work more in her favor. Now you hate it because my ways have isolated you. Her beauty regimen requires matching outfits, expensive makeup, regular hair care, and other expensive items. I play from every side. That’s why I don’t watch TV at all. Dec 01, I think it would cause her to expand her acting chops.

My vote will be for Lauren London because she can actually act and has the look, if you read the book Winter is extreme I want to feel like I’m in BK if this movie ever comes to be.

I remember a font describing her as the Lauryn Hill of authors. However, Netflix getting a hold to it might not be so bad. Sex is used throughout the novel as a means of currency, power, control, and expression of love. And, when we were not winning, it coldeat OK ’cause we were busy planning to win.


Maybe she’d coldset better suited in a supporting role. The last thing you want to do is make a scene. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I think that when European authors or Euro-American authors sisterr about urban, suburban or rural areas, it’s just called literature.

Nov 16, May 02, Now you hate it because my ways have isolated you.


Oct 19, My top 5 choices to play Winter would be in chronological order with 1 being the best choice: Jada Pinkett Smith owns the film rights to this book.

Physically I think Nicki fits as well as style.

Search for a book to add a reference. She is twelve now and would be too young but i think that in two or three movif she would be perfect. I met Sister Souljah over the summer and she gave us the low down on the movie.

The Coldest Winter Ever – Wikipedia

Do you already have an account? May 23, I think Lauren London would be an enchanting Winter. Sister Souljah then had to buy back the rights to her own book.


Tasha Smith should be the mother and Laz Alonzo could be Santiaga However, I’m not a fan of Nicki Manaj playing the role of Winter. No I totally disagree.

The Coldest Winter Ever was one of the best-selling novels of moive, and since its debut, it has continued to enjoy success in sales year after year. Megan Goode all the way for this role.

Nicki is way too old, Lauren London would be better but i still think she is too old. What makes me stand out as a woman is everr I have nonnegotiable principles, strength, and faith in my people.


The Smiths why would you want your youngest play such a sexually explicit role. Most Liked Most Commented. Man, that would be one heck of a movie. Would be a good movie. We take abuse seriously in our discussion boards. Jul 12, Jan 13, Oct 12,