Taking on the case, the gang learn there have been several other related robberies in which paintings were stolen. For the second season, the opening theme is “Mystery! Takashima, Daisuke Episode Director. However, Alice steps in to protect Kazumi, telling her she is willing to become a thief as well in order to stay with her. After analysing the clues, Milky Holmes pretend to take Carol hostage in order to hold a surprise birthday party for her, deducing that she was the one who wrote the letter. For the first season, the opening theme is “The Answer Is One! When they arrived the concert avenue, it was pitch black. Meanwhile, the girls decide to enter a mascot contest for the Detective Fair, prompting Henriette to enter in secret.

Whilst Milky Holmes fights against a demon created from Doom Angel and Darkside’s Toys, Alice and Kazumi head to the rooftop, where they find the two planning to unleash a giant ball of energy destroy Yokohama. As G4 discover the policemen are actually thieves, Milky Holmes discover a captured singer inside the case and are praised for her rescue. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Wanting to get Milky Holmes back into action now that they’ve recovered their Toys, Henriette tries to make a memorable reunion with the girls but keeps failing. After eating some sushi, which Hercule forces Nero to use her money to pay for, the girls return home to learn from Henriette that the Holmes Detective Academy may be shutting down, the shock of which causes them to lose their Toys again. Fall TV J.

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Milky Holmes tracks down Marima, who agrees to take her videos down on the condition that they can make a video more popular than hers, putting their careers as detectives on the line. Afterwards, Nero returns to normal, learning that episoe one Nero resembled was Hiroko’s late adopted son, while Hiroko rekindles with her maid, who was her legitimate daughter.

Whilst heading to ask Milky Holmes for advice again the next day, Kazumi comes across miliy staircase leading to a mysterious room containing logs of the times Milky Holmes had lost their toys, helping her to realise more than one Phantom eglish involved the previous night. As Buta manages to retrieve the Legendary Lard and starts absorbing lard from across the globe, Milky Holmes stand up to them and regain their Toys and work together to fight against Buta.

Realizing that what she wanted all along was to stay by Alice’s side, Kazumi decides to return to being a detective. Gaining incredibly power from the Toys, Buta starts to steal all the lard and fat in Yokohama, causing everyone to become all dried up and full of static electricity.


Come meet your anime soulmate! After a series of bizarre events, they discover the culprit is the conductor who is a fan of Kokoro and wanted to meet tanti.

Noir, Scarlet’s daughter, reveals that Scarlet had kidnapped Marine in order to obtain a priceless gem from a casino in the sky. In a world where detectives and thieves battle against each other using supernatural abilities known as Toys, the story follows Sherlock Shellingford, Nero Yuzurizaki, Hercule Barton and Cordelia Glauca, a group of young detectives who suddenly lose their Toys and have to earn them back to avoid expulsion from Holmes Detective Academy.

Long Goodbye Forever and Ever Later, as the girls accompany Marine to a gig with actress Hiroko Tenma, Nero, who allegedly bears a resemblance to Oppera long lost daughter, decides to become her servant. Meanwhile, Kokoro is brainwashed by Keiko into becoming a masked idol competing against Marine while posing as one of Marine’s elements. When it starts raining, they take shelter in a cave and decide to explore it, but get separated when they trigger some traps.

After Alice and Kazumi manage to stop La Lunar, the girls realise the person the old lady keeps meeting with is the engliish driver, who is actually her estranged holms she was working up the courage to talk to. Nov 18, 5: Fall TV J. Hercule is later given a strange painting from her part-time job, which piques the interest of a wealthy man as it reminds him of his long lost wife, offering a large sum which Nero accepts. Ranked Popularity Members 35, Whilst looking for a hotel, the girls wind up at a creepy looking castle run by a one-hit wonder idol named Sakiko Kirumiya.

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Later, during one of her performances, Marine suddenly collapses, as it is soon discovered both her singing voice and Elements have been stolen.

They are revealed to be thieves, who attempt to kidnap Kamaboko, but are opwra when Milky Holmes spot them and, mistaking them for detectives, invite them in. While Marine is preparing for her revival concert as Miki takes time off her career, the Milky Holmes got tickets for Marine’s concert. The detectives soon take hklmes leave, leaving behind a message for Milky Holmes saying their toys will return after a great trial, while Sonia is transferred to another academy.


As reports come in of a flasher in the city, Milky Holmes encounters a girl named Coron from Osaka, who gets them to help her investigate the culprit. Marine’s elements brought the Milky Holmes to the stage to sing the last song episodr with her as they recall the times envlish had together.

However, Henriette postpones their expulsion and refurbishes their attic room, where they soon introduced to a transfer student named Mori Arty.

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Henriette spends the night nursing them back to help and ends up catching a cold herself. As they interview the victims, they start to piece together how the paintings are related. Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. But what about your special day? CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode list using the default LineColor.

During the fight, Cordelia and Twenty get trapped in a sarcophagus, but the embarrassing noises temporarily gives Elly her toy back allowing her to get them out. After getting all but one stamp with help from the Feathers, Milky Holmes confront Sakiko, who is possessed by the third Element, Shout, in a Rock Quiz show, earning their final stamp, while Marine’s desire to continue singing breaks her free from her mask. A third season, Futari wa Milky Holmesaired between July 13, and September 28,focusing on a pair of detectives named Alice and Kazumi who face up against a thief unit known as Color the Phantom.

Curious, they decide to follow the old lady on the bus and eventually runs into her, where she tells them about how she often goes on the bus to meet someone. A month later they have since descended to being the worst students at Sherlock Holmes’ Detective Academy. Edit Opening Theme “Seikai wa Hitotsu! Although his escape is thwarted by the arrival of Milky Holmes, he is retrieved by other members of a group of thieves calling themselves Color the Phantom. As they go search for it, they are lured into a trap in which Alice is separated from Kazumi, who finds herself up against the illusionist, Blue Hunter, and being completely surrounded by his illusions.