No one dare blame the supreme God. She asks some children if they have seen it, and when one child admits to having thrown a stick at a stray black hen she sees that he is a fetish child — the product of prayers and sacrifice like the child she wants for herself. Also visit my webpage: What indeed a woman in her prime she is! She prefers sitting beside her mother when that benevolent chief who reigned for fifty years died. Her mother, the old lady becomes happy with the sign that her daughter has finally become pregnant.

They are gentle prophets of modernity, at times, and it is interesting to put their optimism up against the reality of modern Africa I don’t say that presumptuously, there are lots of ways that comparison could be played out. Also, portraying Pokuwa as being against the general belief ascribed to the gods is subjective to the author. Konadu’s narrative strategy is considered unique among his Ghanaian contemporaries at the time that three stylistic features were notable in Ghanaian prose fiction. I may say there are pro writers in Nigeria and some other part of Africa. She has fired two husbands for this reason and her third, Kwadwo, is fearful of losing her. Posted by Raselebeli Khotseng at 2: Then if Pokuwa still repeats this again, who knows if Tano may get angered and lead to another brutal miscarriage.

Throughout the novel, there exists conflict between god and God, as synopsiss god Tano which Synopsls has been offering sacrifices for before is relegated as being powerless and all fates are entrusted in God who Pokuwa believes to have erased the indelible mark of barrenness and pessimism from her bosom. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here You are commenting using your Twitter account. Nevertheless no situation is permanent.


I am going to give up crying inside me for that which I cannot get. We are informed that Pokuwaa cannot sustain marriage in view of her childlessness. This really portrays African culture where women endure deadly farming work. Even though the husband was amazed and suspected her of been having a compassionate relationship with the deceased, she was competent enough to reply him without impressing upon the deceased. I hope my students grasp this knowledge irrespective of their culture or sex and that it will tickle the creative nerves wlman them and take them on a journey of the African experience.

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Volume 2 of Literary history: Pokuwaa exudes strength, she loves her husband and it shows even though her longing for a child hangs like a dark cloud over their happiness sometimes.

He deliberately understands her situations and always feels with her. She may demonstrate an outmost interest in praising the supreme Almighty God than these lesser gods in Brenhoma. But Pokuwaa and Kwadwo have a gentle, teasing relationship, full of good-natured humor.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Brenhoma is the setting of the story. Feb 28, Funmi added it. She prefer sitting with and confiding in her mother when the benevolent chief who reigned for fifty years dies. Oddly, there is little suggestion than the villagers think the fault is with her. Pokuwaa shows sign of pregnancy within a few months after she boycotts the sacrifices of the great ehr Tago.

The hen has escaped! A farming community where traditional religion is mostly prevalent. She may demonstrate an outmost interest in praising the supreme Almighty God than these lesser gods in Brenhoma.


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Samuel Asare Konadua Ghanian publisher and novelist who wrote many novels. Pokuwa, having won over her barrenness saves the book from being tragic and gives hope for African women. Rather than being harsh with him, she enlists him and the other children to search for her hen.

No one dare blame the supreme God. Out of fear, she doesn’t say anything, letting the men go out and find the missing man themselves.

Andrew Swen rated it it was amazing Apr 29, With its loving descriptions of the rituals, routines, and gossip of a small community, A Woman in Her Prime expresses how disappointment may be balanced by tenderness and peace — and how we sometimes get the thing we want only after wman have stopped striving for it. She is pregnant,” Koramoa her best friend exclaimed.

In he was sent abroad by the government to study in London and at Strasbourg Universityjoining the Ghana News Agency on his return to Ghana in [2]. Nice write up Like Like. Are you for real? It was the 40th novel in the African Writers Series, and his other novel Ordained by the Oracle was the 55th 2.

Kwadwo had left the house in anger. A great book I must confess.