FNC produced or maybe co-produced this drama, as well. Is the way I feel. Yoo Kyung literally flashed a commercial smile and the camera lingered for a good five seconds on the products. KDaddict December 4, at 5: If you want to leave your crappy marriage, divorce is not truly an option YK and Shin might’ve become a media power couple, i think.

I can’t even tell you how hyped up I was for this drama for the simple fact that YEH always delivers when there’s a kiss scene. I just means you don’t have to and choose yourself. CaroleMcDonnell December 4, at 3: Her future estrangement from Oppa was prevented, their relationship was repaired and stronger, his health issues were no longer hidden but brought out in the open. Don’t feel that I missed anything except for the aggravation!! Anyways, the clear winner out of this entire mess of a drama is Yoo Kyung. Heck, Yoo Kyeung would think nothing about advancing through using powerful guys.. I know as a fan I was done with Seju and Mirae by the third week.

Sinopsis Drama Marry Him If You Dare Episode 1-16 (Tamat)

For me it was more disappointment than dislike. Mi-rae and her brother are invited to lunch with Chairman Lee and Se-joo, and the chairman wastes no time to suggest that they settle on a wedding date, what with the engagement rumors floating around and all.

Yeah, the drama truly left a big question mark on what Mirae’s choice actually was when it should have been answering it. The whole idea that we can’t really love somone until we learn to love ourselves just makes me cringe.

I also was angry about the Dream High ending! I feel cheated because on the romance front, we don’t really get an answer about who she chooses to be with!

I would definitely watch that drama. However, this one does make the top chojce the most disappointing of the year.

Or I may just be delusional, and over thinking this. Mi-Rae yhe his child Gun in her arms. I allowed the non-consequnces of Future Mirae’s rapid aging, accepted it when Future Mirae didn’t die and when she got her memory back in time to return Is no vestige of it left?


He then rises to give her a backhug, and she places a hand over his. The protesters cheers while Shin watches the broadcast with relief as Yoo-kyung stresses the importance of journalists defending their own. Was no part of it pure enough and strong enough to last even now? Yookyung and Shin deserve sooooo elisode better. Kim Yoonmi December 4, at I understand how the drama tries to show us that the future is not set, and you can choose your own path, but I wanted to have Mirae marry Se-Joo because I feel he would be that kind of supportive husband.

I think of the “falling in love by water” as a kind of magical spell over which SeJoo had no control.

August December 5, at 1: Also annoyed at Mirae tbh, what’s up with that non answer lol why is she wearing the ring, then wonders why people think they’re engaged? And the last photo of choic series is Mirae and SeJoo.

Sinopsis Drama Marry Him If You Dare Episode (Tamat) |

As for present Shin, I did like that he got a wakeup call from his own self about the consequences of choosing not to disclose the story and even with that, the words I assume comes from a manifestation of his own conscience. But not if they had gotten together before she learned the value of her own worth and efforts over serving men to get what she wants.

So the writer decides to do the feminist brave challenge: August December 5, at 2: I’d watch that too. Oh yay, Oppa is now happily married and his pregnant wife carrying their second child appeals to Mi-rae to persuade him out of leaving for yet another overseas trip for his documentary show.

YK and Shin might’ve become a media power couple, i think.

Faye December 4, at 2: I just kinda went off on a shpiel there. Haf September 17, at 3: While I doubt that this was the writer’s intention.


I’m sitting here grinning from one ear to the other. Option 2 She picks Kim Shin. Even Uee wound up getting a lead in a hit drama after doing ‘Ojakgyo Brothers’. I’m also pleased to note that your reaction to some of the fashion items was similar to mine. It left a bad taste in my mouth. Then Shin looks up to report one more scandal as he informs chooice public about the toxic humidifier sterilizer.

Aw, is this little Geon all grown up? Marie21 December 7, at She beams at that and jokes that Shin should have liked her rather than Mi-rae. I liked that magical elements. There are a series of photos with double portraits before Future Mirae digs up the box….

Those dramas really do have a captive audience. Like the saying goes, “he who tries to please everybody pleases nobody. He turns around to see Mi-rae, and the two go for a walk. Lizzy4e December 4, at 1: Finally at last, they dressed her fashionably instead of a ajumma whose been dumpster diving.

She thought Se-joo would be on the same page. So think of it this way. But futrue I am forced to choose for Mirae to satisfy my own need of having a happy ending to this story. Ajumma Mi-rae jumps up in shock while Sandwich Chioce Man smiles in gratitude at home. Everytime she was chooice or down after an encounter with Kim Shin, Se-Joo was there either as emotional support, to lift her spirits, or as her rescuer.

On the one hand, I feel like Mi-rae would end up with Shin.