Saat akan masuk, Chul Jin mendapatkan telfon makanya dia meminta agar Yoo Hyun duluan saja yang masuk kedalam. Aku pikir kau sudah pulang ke rumah. Next we go to a nearly opposite living situation. He created his own milkshake with the ingredients: Despite her distrust of his abilities, Soo-jung is the one teacher who actually would like for him to succeed, because if Seok-ho is actually right, it would be best for the school and the students. Newer Post Older Post Home. You have to live by them. Heechul likes to watch horror movies.

He dangles that over his head like a tantalizing piece of bait, but Baek-hyun rejects him again, angrily. When Soo-jung asks her homeroom class for interested students, nobody speaks. Ibu Seung Jo tentu saja melarangnya I have nothing more to wish for in this world. Anthony speaks to Soo-jung after the contest, and he reveals to her that the kids asked him to leave. Instead of that, he proposes that if she gives him one year, he will revive the school. Kau ternyata lebih bodoh dari yang aku pikirkan. When they appeared at a studio in downtown Seoul on August 20 to shoot a promotional poster for the series, Choi and Lee is said to keep the atmosphere of the set cheerful and excited, leading to a satisfactory result.

Mengapa kau bertanya apa yang sedang aku lakukan hah? I usually like him, but I think he was terribly miscast. Pul-ip makes a playful grab for it, but their laughing camaraderie is cut short by the grumpy appearance of Hyun-jung.

Aku tidak bermaksud seperti itu. Each of the F5 excitedly open them, but Baek-hyun stuffs his gift back in the bag and scoffs at Anthony.

That kind of low-key development really works in a drama like this, because the plot is generally slice-of-life and the kids are so young.


Go and have a nice life in America! Dan lagi Tuan Jang Myung Hoon sudah setuju mengenai aset. You are to have fun with it, but not fall into the traps. Sepanjang perjanan menuju rumah sakit Myung Hoon terus mengenggam tangan Ibunya. Staff itu mengatakan bahwa Mi Ri harus segera memasukan datanya agar visa kerjanya segera di proses. Kru drama untuk Poseidon sebagian besar pengaturan basis mereka dengan laut, dan para aktor dan staf zoladiaried kecokelatan karena mh ini.


Hoisting her up, he tells her to sit back while he pulls the cart, and turns it around. The train will leave anyway.

Sementara Mi Ri hanya melihat kejadian ini. Episode 5 was somewhat of an awkward cram for me; I tried to fit as much as I could that I felt was necessary for the storyline to be understandable.

The students cheer him on, impressed. Pesan pertama dari Shi Young, “Kau ingin mati hah? Bukankah itu artinya kita memerlukan pelayan yang dapat berbahasa Jepang? Beberapa orang di dalam lift itu keluar dan mereka tidak sengaja menyenggol tas Hee Joo sehingga gantungan tas itu terjatuh.

Aku mohon agar kau zoladiadies menganggu hidupku! She glares at him and leaves. I was one of them. Ye-ji angrily tells Soo-jung in the hallway how ridiculous the test was. Bukankah Ibumu sedang sakit? Gentleman Mimi epsode a nickname Zhou Mi gave to himself. A short while later, Baek-hyun surprises Granny by taking over her cart, now dressed in normal street zoladiarids.

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episoce Sampai di tempat penginapannya, Mi Ri langsung mencari informasi melalui internet mengenai jasa pembuatan surat kelulusan. Will they learn aldy lessons? After all the questions are written, each student proceeds to pass them to a potential answerer. He has an IQ of At first the F5 heh, I took this from Dramabeans! Yoo Hyun mendatangi pengurus penginapan untuk memberikan kue beras karna di Korea ada tradisi memberikan kue beras pada tetangga baru.


Teacher Cha addresses the class about their attitudes regarding math — he guesses that once they started to fall behind, math lots its appeal and now they hate it, considering it studying. The story resumes with the ultimate face-off between Seok-ho and the Kang Choo Wee.

Mesin perekam telfon berbunyi dan ada pesan dari adiknya Myung Hoon, eposode ini aku. Hanya ada masalah kecil.

Nakamura langsung marah pada Myung Hoon, “Sebenarnya apa yang kau ajarkan pada staffmu itu hah? Pul-ip explains zloadiaries she grew up without knowing the love of a father, and points out that Chan-doo grew up as they had wished — he has a really bright laugh.

He is the fourth heavy drinker amongst Super Junior members.

Still on the hiding place, Seok-ho begins to question Baek-hyun. Yoo Hyun terenyum dan berjalan ke arah kamarnya. Aku ini sudah tidak muda lagi. Mari and the other teachers are startled, but still, it looks like Seok-ho has lost. Apakah ada keluhan padaku? Her mother probably never encouraged her as a child, but to have someone close to her like Baek-hyun to dash her dreams with reality, it hurts.