Probably because of the two roles of totally different characters. The two Suh men stare at each other for a while In Ha eventually sticks out his hand for Joon. I will miss all the characters! Drama Recaps The Crowned Clown: I only got into watching K-dramas somewhere around January this year, and I never got round to watching Secret Garden. Freedom January 17, at 9:

But when he rejected Do-bin, he had explained that it was because he loved Kae-in. I keep replaying the scene where they put the kids to bed! I know I know, people will always tell me to shut up and just enjoy it already. I followed the story from start to finish. They head inside to register their marriage, with Oska and Seul as witnesses. As soon as I finished the last episode of Secret Garden, I went back and watched episode 1. It broke my heart and made me sad. I guess this is their salvaging glory, to be acclaimed and recognized overseas.

[Drama Recap] Love Rain Episode 20 *FINAL* | K-POP! rage

Sure, the dessert is pretty and sweet, and wraps up the meal wonderfully – even if the dessert is not extraordinary by itself. Rahmawati Adi Juni 17, 8: Thanks for the recap though, can’t wait for girlfriday to post raim next one. They go for a walk, as Ra-im says in voiceover:. Episodes by odilettante. We then cut to a depressed-looking Cho Shoo lovee he stumbles into the cafe. The fan service was awesome.

Sinopsis Lengkap Love Rain (Episode 1-20) Tamat

She wants to do something like seeing Diamond Snow or Morning Fog again. Tri yati Juni 27, 1: Well, that and the In-hee Bot. Enjoyable series and as usual a pleasant read. Because this episode is pretty much one big pile of Epixode. Joo Won’s mom is just so jealous of them thats why she’s so bitter. Like seriously that joon is way too childish, thinking of themselves. Buh…way to be romantic, dude. Iam crazy about it.


Hopefully there will be another drama as great as this!! Unknown Mei 24, 5: When Ha Na says that she wants to be with him every day until he leaves, Joon suggests that they go travelling. Ah-young and Secretary Kim sinopiss along the river, and happen to find the message in a bottle that he had thrown into the ocean on Jeju Island after they had first met.

You took the words right out of my mouth. The only thing I really liked about ep 20 was the couple tracksuits lol But I would never of allowed her to see my kids. Irawati Rahim Juni 08, Episode 4 by Regals. The delicate consistencies of both the acting and the plot really appeal to me. For me i think acting like a guy being an actual girl is easy but for a guy to act like a girl is not that easy, especially one squealing while seeing a “naked” guy.

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I really didn’t expect that he’ll “surprise” Gae in “that” way. A verification email has been sent to your new email address.

This site uses cookies. I think the body swap is incorporated to make the plot more interesting, otherwise, it would just be like any other kdrama out there.

I never realized that!!! And I mean, really nails down the uncomfortable parts of everything well. Do-bin hands back the documents, but Sang-jun begs, as their office is facing a lot of difficulty. I’m gonna miss this one The characters were convincing.


Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: Unfortunately, i didn’t enjoy a single moment of it as i kept feeling that the author will pull the rug from under my enjoyment during the last 5minutes.

The story does a nice job through the previous episodes that Jin Ho was in way over his head, and LMH episodde underlined his character’s cool exterior with a salty, anxious episoe. I wanted to give Joo-won a few kicks in the shin myself during the duration of the show but Hyun Bin kept me hooked on the show. I should never have met a guy like you.

Director Park is lamenting his lost job when Joo-won calls, re-hiring him and taking him under his wing. It was such a waste as HJW is an excellent actress. He was also in Ahjussi as a drug dealer he really has a wide range of characters.

The finale was episode 19 for me. Most of them were the Oska-Taesun scenes, haha. A year later, we cut to Ha Na at the airport and hear a voiceover of Joon saying how the ordinary lives that they wanted so badly are now starting. He chases her around the bedroom for a while, and then lands on the bed alone.