In that case I’d say this show was spot on. The series was based on the tumultuous life of Hwang Jini , who lived in 16th-century Joseon and became the most famous gisaeng in Korean history. I can’t say they weren’t in love, but it wasn’t the same love Jin Yi had for Eun-ho. HJWfan January 24, at 5: I think this is pretty relevant for today’s age when women have to balance or choose between career and family. Similarly on Jin Yi’s side, this was her first love, and before she learned the cruel realities of the world she lived in, the one time she could throw caution to the wind and chase the ideal that is love.

Anyways, from here on, I think I see what the writers were trying to portray about her life and her art. Sungkyunkwan Scandal Final. This was just pure Mary Sue for me, I’m sorry. Hwang Jin Yi — Episode She places so much importance on love that it should have either led to her triumph or her downfall. I think this is pretty relevant for today’s age when women have to balance or choose between career and family.

At the end of the day, she’s not a woman, but an artist. Hingga suatu ketika Ji Hoon menerima email dari Tomoko dan perjumpaan demi perjumpaan pun terjadi sehingga mengawali intrik-intrik cinta dalam film ini.

It wasn’t until she temporarily sacrificed sinopsie, which was art in exchange for love, that she realized she values herself too much as an artist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Hwang Jin Yi — Episode The series was also broadcast in TaiwanMalaysia and the Philippines in[7]. Imagine her as a celebrity. New Tales of Gisaeng Final. Right Sidebar Fashion Home Shop.


Jin Yi knew that they could not keep running away from their dreams to pursue love – not only was it against “fate,” it was also against their nature as an artist and someone who loved the people. Namun sesampainya di Hong Kong Yuko, yang kemudian menginap ditempat pacarnya, meninggalkan Tomoko seorang diri. When she refuses the King’s offer, it is for several different reasons that may contradict each other she is still sinoosis, after all: Unable to forget Eun-ho, Jini no longer has any desire to dance; for the next five years, she spends her days making music and conversation with the middle class becoming enormously wealthy in the process and her nights drowning herself in misery and alcohol.

Hwang Jini is the illegitimate child of a nobleman and Hyun Geum, a blind gisaeng. Karena Tomoko kehilangan semua uangnya, Ji Hoon merasa terbeban untuk mentraktir Tomoko malam malam. Before I begin, I must say I’m like hwahg – I love watching dramas and movies in any language and reading manga and fanfics and have wasted way too much time doing so, enjoyable as they may be.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal Final.

But she couldn’t bear to see him act the same way. They should have chosen one of them–any would have resulted in the same outcome. He’s a very similar person – honorable and unselfish.

Hwang Jin Yi Episode 1-24 (Final)

Jini’s first love ends in tragedy when in a futile attempt to elope with her, Eun-ho catches pneumonia and dies. But I really disliked the woman Hwang Jin Yi became by the end of the series.

The shooting schedule for Hwang Jini was particularly arduous for a television series, sometimes going on for seven days without a break. My Girlfriend is Gumiho Final. A gisaeng is a singer, dancer and hostess who lives a life catering to the whims of the yangban elite.


But I had a really hard time buying the main character and I actually feel a little upset on behalf of the real historical Hwang Jin Yi this show was supposedly based on. Jin-Yi was such a good dancer that she didn’t want only the wealthy to experience it. So, suffering a loss of episdoe as well as a loss of innocence, Jin Yi, like anyone else would, decided to forsake love and concentrate on art. Iljmae Episode Final. This drama isn’t about love triumphing over all, or that people can throw everything away for love, but rather the simple and touching story about a girl sinkpsis into a woman and becoming an artist.

In a relentlessly class-based society, Hwang Jini was a woman ahead of her time, who pursued art relentlessly and saw life in beautiful colors.

Saranghae-Korea: Friends (Sinopsis)

She studies under Im Baek-moo, one of the best court dancers in the kingdom and a harsh and manipulative teacher. Views Read Edit View history. Setelah menyadari bahwa telah keliru menangkap orang, Tomoko berusaha untuk meminta maaf kepada Ji Hoon setelah meninggalkan kantor polisi.

At Jini’s side in times of need is her devoted bodyguard Yi-saeng. But then sihopsis realize he had his own way of loving, and he became, in the end, a rather honorable man.