When had the line gotten blurred, and did Sora even notice? Really high production values and overall has a pretty western feel to it. Where everyone ends up, how will they and those around them shape the future to come? Nooroo takes full advantage of this fact and gives the media the wrong impression… aka, Hawkdaddy. King of the Underworld by Ms. Rating maybe be updated as I finish the prompts. So Nico shut off and distanced himself from Percy. Adam is also in this!

There are plenty of things that I could probably name to explain why it’s so horrible, but I think there’s only one word I need to say to really sum it up: While Nico appreciates the sight of them sparring, it’s gotten rather ridiculous in an ‘everything you can do, I can do better’ way. The story follows the pair as they travel and cause trouble for anyone they meet, mostly due to Elle’s childish and selfish nature. If someone comments on your eyes being pretty, you will probably lose them several chapters later. Kokon the Animation ja: Magi if you want your anime to have a different variety, in terms of setting as it is based in good ol’ Arabia, with Magic and shounen shit and shit. Fan support, on the other hand, is looking bleak.

Persona 4 – Guy from the city gets shunted to a small country town because his parents went to work overseas somewhere, moves in with his oppressive uncle and his attention-starved daughter. But i personally enjoyed it. Glass Half Empty by AngelaLeeHarden reviews Jet had left the forests for Ba-Sing-Se to start a new and normal life although thoughts of a static life scares him, but if Li an anxious, ill-tempered, trapped refugee he’d just met could suck it up and do it, so can he.

Terror of the Stratus. There’s many other recomanded anime, but i don’t like shoujo and romance without an action. I said this because the characters in this story are Adults the youngest one is a college student.


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Phineas and Ferb – Rated: The story continues from Harry and Draco’s fourth year at Hogwarts, towards a conclusion that will shake the wizarding world of England to its core. The last thing Shiro expects to find out in the middle of the desert is a child- much less one that’s purple.

Coming Home After a Night of Bowling by Megara and Hades reviews In the original Incredibles film we only see what happens when Bob returns from “bowling” night; this short story follows what happens when Frozone comes home after “bowling. It has gore and cruelty like Mirai Nikki.

The Amnesia Game by speaks reviews A boy wakes up in a cell handcuffed to a stranger. Those were the animes I enjoyed the most.

Aki Toyosaki

If not for his best friend, he might not have been able to finish college, and started working as a paramedic. In the beginning, he explains that he always knew Santa wasn’t real. It was centered around brothers with supernatural powers. You better have a good reason for waking me up from, quite frankly, an exquisite dream and—is that a cat?

How is he supposed to understand anything when he’s taken away by the stranger in white and blue? Sorry by allya reviews an angsty oneshot because this ship has no content; inspired by the Halsey song Miraculous: Be it movies, shows, or shorts.

I’ll give you an example of an anime similar to what I’m looking for, whose bv I don’t remember. Things should be calm now, right?

Retrieved November 4, I like weirds animes full of gags without real storyline exemples: We Are What We Are. Rated M for Chapter 2 only; contains depictions of violence and death Miraculous: Cover image by thegreysman Miraculous: Also, the fight scenes are epic! Retrieved April 18, Shiro is a vampire, held captive by the Galra pack.


Oh, and he builds a harem. But they would find their way out, eventually, right? He would refuse to go to school and spend part of his time with his mother, who I believe was in the hospital. Record of Agarest War Zero. Spoilers for season The anime goes into a lot of depth about how it’s possible for them to have the powers they do.

Olympus Rising by Reixe reviews When the digital world falls into peril once again, Gennai fears that the might of the Digidestined may not be enough.

After some begging from his best friend, he agrees to be admitted to a lovely safe haven called Allura’s, where they claim they can cure him. They’re a mated power-couple by the time the Titan War ends.

Retrieved November 24, It’s sweet, heartwarming and perfect for lifting one’s spirits. Not knowing what to do, they of course look up the nearest necromancer to resurrect the kitten.

Retrieved February 15, She stopped resisting as 1111 dragged her into madness.

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Specifically; his future with Lance. One day a meeting with a certain Amazon will change that. I havnt played any of the games but the anime is great i am up-to episode 13 and episdoe it. And that’s really all Peter needs right now. Death Note – Sucks you in and ultimately spits you out, amazing story. Af9j3tUT [ Del ] Checked out a little of Wakfu, for some reason it’s made infinitely more badass by the fact that it’s in French lul.

When he tests this, his TV tries to eat him.