The Redwallers find more clues to where Slagar is headed. Martin and the others reach Noonvale. Secondly, he tells Matthias he is “protector of Cornflower” rather than telling Cornflower that a warrior needs a good wife. Olliver’s Adventures Doodlez Clone High 1. And that’s the way his character, as a warrior, starts to form. Martin fights Wakk, leader of the Gawtrybe. The scene fades into last week’s tapestry-ending– 1 Matthias holding Martin’s sword aloft in a sea of skulls; 2 Matthias, Log-A-Log, and the shrewmaid falling over the waterfall on their raft; and 3 A very powerful shot of Matthias standing opposite Martin, each staring at the other with “I AM THAT IS” printed overhead. When Matthias followed them in, Cluny ambushed him, and a duel began, which led them both up to the top of the belltower.

Unfortunately, Badrang had stabbed and killed Rose during the battle. Felldoh became so obsessed with Marshank’s fall that he began solo attacks against it. Matthias and company are close to finding the kidnapped children, but Slagar lures him and the others into a cave and blocks the entrance under a pile of rocks. Years later, Martin was captured by Badrang and his sword taken. Top Thirty-Three Tele Toons. Hot Wheels Battle Force 5.

Brome and Felldoh wind redeall not far away and are taken in by the Rambling Rosehip Players, led by the hare Ballaw de Quincewold and the badger Rowanoak. Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. John Churchmouse 25 episodes, Al Mukadam If I had rammed my shoulder against the door, it would have fallen away– and Cluny had hundreds of rats!

It’s in the book Mossflower.

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List of Redwall episodes. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Warbeak and another sparrow go to count the number of rats, but Warbeak is captured and put on Asmodeus’s trail. Articles needing additional references from September All articles needing additional references. The adventures of the King of the elephants, his family, and friends.


No such attention was given in the book. Cornflower’s father is Mr. Martin leaves Noonvale with an army to attack Marshank, the Rambling Rosehip Players and escaped slaves do as well. Clogga pirate episoee, also sees Marshank in the distance. Matthias finally is able to go get the sword from the adder Asmodeus Poisonteeth.

Mattimeo ep.13 Return to Redwall

Cluny sends Shadow over the wall to get the tapestry of Martin the Warrior, the rats plan to attack and uses their forces as decoys so they can climb across from a tree into Redwall. A raging storm and a fish separated the group. Matthias redwapl the little mouse who had to learn to be a mattikeo. Cluny jumped down and caught Cornflower again, threatening to kill her if Mathias did not come down to face him.

No infrigement upon their property is intended.

John Churchmouse is the father of Tim and Tess. Cheesethief makes his debut appearance in this episode, as well. And each monsters’ name is tedwall number, In the book, Cluny watched them from afar as he does in the showbut they weren’t shown from the Woodlander POV.

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Meanwhile, in their absence, things started to go wrong for Redwall. As Matthias and Cornflower exit the belltower, observing the aftermath of the battle, Captain Snow and Squire Julian are there.

Cornflower 26 episodes, Diego Matamoros It’s none other than Cheesethief! Despite that, everyone volunteers. MattimeoSam, Cynthia, Auma, and others from Redwall find out that Slagar is Chickenhound, the fox who was believed to be dead. Turning to the Redwallers assembled on the lawn, he asks for volunteers to meet the shrew army, warning that it’s a dangerous mission. Lists of Canadian children’s animated television series episodes Lists of French animated television series episodes Lists of British animated television series episodes Redwall.


After so many changes, so many scenes being messed with, I wanted some grand finale where they actually stuck to the book, left the really powerful lines intact, and gave a real sense of closure to the whole story. Hamilton replied that the producers are prepared to produce a fourth season, as the show itself is very popular, especially well-accepted by fans of the book series, but only if it is “financially feasible”.

The owl, Sir Harry, comes to their rescue when vultures attack them. The problem is that Mortimer was with Matthias in the TV show when Matthias got the sword home last episode!

Then, when he sees Cluny’s hordes, I should imagine it gives him a bit of a start. Martin, Rose and Grumm ended up captured by pygmy shrews and met a hedgehog by the name of Pallum.

He also helps them cross the abyss. Eh, but it’s not in Redwall. Courage is like greatness. The Upstairs Downstairs Bears Pecola. Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission. They then all return safely home to Redwall Abbey. Mattimeo and the others are introduced to the underground empire of Malkariss by the rat Nadaz.