I bet you in a year that more people will have bought PSPs for movies than games. When I first got one in like I immediately realized its potential as a digital media device a couple years before iPhones. Because that was crazy. You are only allowed to make copies for your own personal use. Originally Posted by Gemini-Phoenix. They had better codecs but still had significantly less storage space than DVDs, and they were obsolete the moment the PSP was gone. ArkansasBoy91 Follow Forum Posts: Oct 26, 3,

If these ever do catch on with collectors, there are some really oddball releases that not every retailer is carrying. In fact, I couldn’t find any PSP games anywhere. UMD was razor sharp movies, in your pocket, in This being the case you will end up having to import US version games unless you are willing to wait until the Uk launch, September if we are lucky?? You are only allowed to make copies for your own personal use. They were ahead of its time. Also by marking it down you run the risk, in that if it gets lost or broken in transit, the courier will only be liable for the stated value.

Even DivX would only give you around 51 minutes of decent quality film on a meg card.

They’ll probably become as collectable as CEDs. I only have a Morrissey concert UMD. Wal Mart didn’t even have empty slots where the games were supposed to go I got Spiderman 2 twice along with the system, don’t no how I did.

All the games have Jap titles, menues etc. Oct 27, 2, On the rock that spews lava SpaceMountain86 Follow Forum Posts: Ie, Cardboard sleeves and box sets Etc Feb 20, at 2: It’s kind of crazy how the world has changed in just ten to twelve years. Please Log In to post.


Did PSP UMD’s ever take off? | ResetEra

Sony better hope they come out with another way to play UMD’s. It’s a bit like buying a DVD player, I would buy an R2 and try to get it modified multi-region before I bought a R1 one and tried it the other way moviex.

Your nickname or moives address: I bought a bunch, maybe ten movies. I think most will recognise that importing them you will have to live with the foreign menu’s for the time being at least, it’s kind of obvious! Sure the games are crappy at the moment, but the horizon looks very nifty. They were fragile and noisy as fuck too. But at least you can umv with the knowledge that when UK titles are released and IF with Region encoding, you will probably have made a good call on a Jap one.

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UMD was razor sharp movies, in your pocket, in Feb 16, at 4: Feb 20, at The time now is Oct 28, 3, texas. Thats awesome, thanks for sharing that.

RIP bargora, you will be greatly missed. According to ops2 mag and various other sources the jovies psp’s will play all games and definately be ok with uk games and umd movies region 2 as well, ring any bells?? On the import duty I agree you are likely to get caught wherever you get it from unless they are bent and incorectly mark the value on the packaging.

Who the hell is buying UMD movies?

The casing would fall apart after some time as well. I travel pretty much one week out of each month and it’s damn nice to have a movie or two with me to watch without having to break out a laptop or even one of the portable dvd players.


It was a big shame more airlines didn’t pick up PSPs as in flight entertainment which seemed like an ideal target market for the format.

Bring back the main forum list. Indiana JonesFeb 15, Theempire30 Follow Forum Posts: Not sure what the proprietory software is that Sony are using for the PSP. Its been confirmed already that the games are multi region I see the same fate for UD’s unless they: It could just be that US umds dont play on european or japanese psps.

Thread starter CormoranStrike Start date Mar 8, No, create an account now. The US one will be R1. It never really appealed to me personally as a movie format.

PSP UMD movie region 2 question

Combined with the old news reports of kids figuring out how to get porn on that thing, Sony had a revelatory portable media powerhouse on hits hands before it realized it, but it was stuck in the retail distribution age until Apple wake everybody up. Much easier to grab a umd off the shelf and go! People thought the DS being cart would be a repeat of N64 vs. If I was living in the EU then I would say having your machine set to the native Region encoding is most advantageous.