Skudai , Johor Bahru. Located on Level 4. The father and children seldom communicate with each other, their lives became dull and lifeless. Masai , Johor Bahru. Opened on 23 December However, it ceased operations in and transformed into a cultural centre. Other than these operators, there are smaller operators who do screening on a small scale.

The 8th cinema in Malaysia and the first in the state to have a THX hall. Dreamy is now caught between her dream and reality…. Largest cinema in Borneo. The largest TGV outlet in Malaysia. When they arrived Malaysia, they meet Cui-Fong, a tour guide who is a cunning schemer; Pumpkin BB, a local backpacker; Orchid, a hostel owner who look a lot like their mother. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Largest cinema in Johor. Retrieved 2 April

Opened 5 February Located on Level 1. Officially opened on 9 September The first 3D cinema in Borneo island, where the largest hall which can accommodate patrons at once. Possessing extraordinary fighting abilities, she uses them to battle deadly forces as she cniema the truth. The futuristic cyborg searches for the truth about her mysterious past, aided by her street-smart new friend, Hugo.

Largest cinema in Borneo. Her father gives her tremendous pressure and her family tries to convince her to quit.


Most importantly, could this trip help Siew’s lifeless family to regain happiness? MasaiJohor Bahru.

: Showtimes – LFS: Prangin Mall, Georgetown

The only states without cinemas are Perlis and Kelantan. Having an expansion to 21 halls. After winning in an augmented reality game, a young girl found herself ended up in an abandoned building. Located on Ground Level. Opened in Novemberit is the second largest cinema in Kedah. The barrier holding back the kingdom of monsters has also opened, leading to village girls being kidnapped. Located on Level 3 of the mall.

Showtimes at Georgetown –

SkudaiJohor Bahru. Located on Level R. Siew and his family live in Hong Kong.

Opened on 11 April icnema Dreamy is now caught between her dream and reality…. A legendary demon hunter works together with a group of friendly monsters to defend humanity from an inhuman invasion, after the boundary between the worlds of humans and monsters collapsed.

Hosts the first Premiere Class hall in Klang Valley.

The youngest son Siew-Lup does not have a regular job, he is addicted to internet and wish to be an influencer. It is also the first GSC cinema in Malaysia to have all-digital halls.


Has one Gold Class hall. Wangsa MajuKuala Lumpur.

When the picture of a ghost becomes viral, death will soon follow After being saved from the scrapyard of Iron City and brought to a clinic by a compassionate cyber-doctor, Alita wakes up there with no recollection of who she is or of her past. Opened on 17 September With Beanieplex in Taiping. The largest TGV outlet in Malaysia. Views Read Edit View history. The 8th cinema in Malaysia and the first in the state to have a THX hall. Jalan Sultan IsmailKuala Lumpur.

Consists of five 2D halls and 1 3D hall. Has two halls named Platinum Movie Suites. Located on Level 7 and 8 of the mall. Largest cinema in Petaling Jaya. This outlet has 21 screens and seats. Opened officially on 1 March