This definitely gives it a leg up on any other scanner in class made today in my opinion. Use linear settings for Vuescan. Is actually the Reflectra Cystalscan I did use the download off the Refleta site, maybe that’s my issue. Scan times are fairly short and are about the same for both scanners. Fortunately I took a screen shot showing the inclusion of Silverfast when I ordered. I now have a very considered workflow.

In truth I was able to achieve scans that rivaled my optical prints at one point. Scanning is often the bottleneck through which film, a high quality imaging product, must pass. This was also an opportunity to test the new Godox bare-bulb strobe I recently purchased. Notify me of new posts by email. Usually I just set paper size and fix and fix pixel dimensions and the DPI changes without actually changing the image. SilverFast Ai Studio not only impresses having a wide range of features for scan optimization, [ Compared to other art forms, photographers are hopelessly prolific in their creation of new photographs, most of which are terrible.

When you say something happened, is there something you noticed that is off in the file? The image quality is very good. I read scanenr you are scanning at max dpi and reducing by half. MF can be more useful when scanning slides owing to the thickness of the slide mount, which can indeed vary from make to make. Plustek models are slow if you are using the SilverFast software. According to the OP, the scanner does not include a copy of SilverFast. I love that scannet scanner forces you to take your time, like an enlarger.

Leica M4 — 28mm 2. I’m sure the dpi number is extrapolated, but the dpi figure is probably the optical resolution. The Purolator shipping is very reliable and there are no surprises. If you can find effective resolution maybe dpi? But those are the important ones. I did use the download off the Refleta site, maybe that’s my issue.


Scan at home, and do it with the Pacific Image XA – Guest Post by Mark Sperry

This one does a decent job of filling that void. XE resolution is much better than the CS when I scan at the optical resolution of 5, The shadow detail is definitely there though in the original file.

Waitingforthelight Posted 5 years ago. The motorized scan allows you to scan up to full rolls of film, I stopped doing this, but it can do it, more on that later. Two things that need more elaboration: I love how film has so much waiting there in it to be found. I think it cost me about 80 GBP.

I have this scanner, along with an Epson v It is also not supported by Pacific Image on their website. I’d love to try and contribute to the discussion and learn what’s holding up the process, and maybe find ways to get things sorted out? The filmholder for roll film is well engineered. Ah, that tells me PIE is the chicken and Reflecta are its eggs. Personally, I see improvements nearly every time I manually focus. My setup sounds similar to yours.

Just as a quick note, multi exposure is what it sounds like, 1 scan for the highlights and 1 for the shadows.

But have you compared your color neg DSLR conversions to a good scan? Better focus alone makes a dedicated film scanner a better choice over a flatbed. Bad scanners can introduce poor color, soften details, a very high amount of noise, and or ugly digital artifacts. I really need to get prlmefilm well and back to work soon if I’m going to have any kind of life.


It costs hundreds of dollars. Pacific Image Reviews. Home scanning is something im very interested and youve given me another option to think about. I’m running Ubuntu CyberView does not function and hangs system.

Scan at home, and do it with the Pacific Image XA – Guest Post by Mark Sperry – 35mmc

I think my Dad was having a “moment” Only those who change their mind… or: All the Tmax i’ve ever shot looks too contrasty or blown out.

I should have asked if you are using Silverfast or Vuescan?

Most of the time yeah. Leica M4 — Voigtlander 50mm 1. The print from the Canon F flatbed was inferior due to poor sharpness of detail, despite the supposedly higher resolution. I hope you have no such issues with the replacement scanner. While some might consider this an imperfect image, or an image that shows the limitations of positive film, I disagree. A digital camera would render this scene with plenty of detail in the highlights and shadows.

Hmm, not too sure.