April 27th, 6: I just went in a game I lost. Would rather get Double-edged sword tbh. Really now, why do you guys have to go shitting all over someone because they posted an acheivement they were proud of? April 25th, 1: A detailed look at runes, items and masteries for Zed in season 7. Then decided to run as Master Yi, who I personally love as he can rip through teams if used correctly.

Originally Posted by Logiedan Riot doesn’t do a very steady job when it comes to punishing players from where I see anyhow. Best Syndra Player http: I am really tempted to try and learn her mid. Put ori mid and move the swain top for even more disgusting aoe lockdown, maybe get MF over cait? Watch as he performs the I took this part about the runes and masteries from the livestream and will also be doing more Guide-Like teachings in livestream and put them here on RU-clip. Topic Archived Page 1 of 3 Next Last.

She’s also really good in ganks, speed up your jungler, follow up with Q, grats you did your job. Ignore Posts by Tryndamere.

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Find all posts by Logiedan. Lol I just went with Teemo today.


I feel like I’m not too bad for a newbie. Find all posts by double trouble! Pretty sure no one here will be on the Maasteries server. Got my first Penta the other day.

Just reformat your hard drive. In masferies video we’re back with imgut Marvel Contest of Champions as we try to figure out how 5 star Cable works with suicide mastery. Comment below if you have any questions or ideas. Originally Posted by Logiedan. If you have an interest in any of these then feel free to join.

I take that back. Long Island, New York Age: How Good are The Keystone Masteries? You don’t go into FFR score threads and fuck with newbies calling their scores shit, so don’t come into the League thread and tell other people they’re shit because they’re not as good as you.

Haven’t been able to play League much since my laptop can’t handle it anymore but I can play it on my friends laptop when I hang out with him at least.

Encourage people to get better, don’t shit in their face because they’re not already the best. It’s on the PBE.

Phreak masteries Season 6

Razer Three Days Grace – Break. Feel free to add if ya wanna play a game or two.


I’m pretty much following his mindset on the three AD pages. And how is Orianna? If they don’t, get the resistances. Cuz then your team has the same shit, and even if you win dealing with people that are that bad usually makes it a painful experience.

Quit being asses to anyone who doesn’t play normals. Oh and the rest of the game is damn good too, watch if you like seeing a Nunu lose smite wars: I think i found you then http: Find threads started by Alley Cat.

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So you have a screenshot of a challenger tier promotion. He loves that Feast mastery, and I think it blows.

In fact, I shouldn’t have won my lane realistically. Keeperofthedark Keeperofthedark 3 years ago 9 KeepItCivil posted Find all posts by Renyui!