Retrieved January 31, Dolce Amore is No. Asked James for help in writing his wedding vows. Ano ba naman tong si Clark? Jigs grows closer with Tita Jack. Clark has a dream about him expressing his feelings to Leah. Truly, this is most-awaited scene since Clark and Leah arrived in Manila. And she chooses what she thinks is best for her son, to have a father.

And Leah, you are worth every fight. Retrieved October 25, Leah finally admits she still has feelings for Clark but continues to push him away. Clark explains to Tita Jack that he returned to the Philippines for work. Tatang Sol begins to accept Clark after seeing all of the things he’s doing for the family, including driving the jeep for him. Running after him is the best thing she could do.

Kahit hindi ko na maintindihan. Retrieved August 31, Tolayts plans to return to school to have a better future and try to win over Tiffany. Nokia 9 Pureview with 5 lenses now official Tech News. Axel and Kiko convince Clark to go look for Leah but the neighbors start to think they are thieves, so Axel reveals Clark is Leah’s husband. Retrieved January 6, I’ve read the Rappler privacy statementsite use policycomment moderation policy.

Jigs threatens Clark to make episodde Clark knows Leah is still his, even if they have broken up.


Retrieved October 9, Retrieved September 17, The final episode featured the couple’s church wedding — a stark contrast to their first wedding, a civil ceremony that was held out of necessity. And she chooses what she thinks is best for her son, to have a father.

‘On The Wings of Love’ finale recap: Clark and Leah get their happy ending

Tita Jack and Rona meet for the first time. Clark takes out Leah to celebrate her green card. Leah and her boyfriend Jigs broke up as a result of his visa application denial.

Retrieved September 4, FOlksy, unheard, very under the radar. Hinding-hindi kitang iiwan dahil mahal kita I will never leave you, because I love you.

Retrieved November 8, Since Clark and Leah are always interrupted by Jigs, Cullen and Monette make a plan to get them together and talk about their true feelings. Lists of Philippine drama television series episodes.

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But Adrian seems asking too much from Tiffany. At home, Tatang Sol is experiencing heart pains but hides his checkup results from his daughters.

Jigs learns how hard it is to work in America. They are ready to talk about the divorce but Jigs shows up to the fiinally.


ImagineTheWorldWithoutME — OTWOL Finally Yours Review

Tiffany continues to try and get a celebrity to attend their benefit concert. Leah begins to think her mother may be alive still. Buti pa yung tricycle nag-move on na?

View your profile page here OR Click close to continue. Leah’s mother died when she was young, but they were unable to afford to bring her back to the Philippines to bury her.

Clark becomes secretive from Leah to work on his special surprise, but she starts to worry when she hears a girl coworker at the cafe and hears he was at the mall. PiliPinas Debates tops Sunday programming”.

She allows Leah to work with her so Leah can begin to earn money.

‘On The Wings of Love’ finale recap: Clark and Leah get their happy ending

Russians march in memory of murdered Kremlin critic Nemtsov Europe. It can be the best episode to date. Tatang Sol tells Clark he needs to formally ask for Leah’s hand in marriage – pamamanhikan.