You’re also right that they don’t always act this well later, too. Kae-hwa has faith that he can do well, and tells him so. Kyung Hak tells him to investigate and do is quietly. Plus there was the strong possibility that DS could die. The subs I watched had [Jang Hyuk] Jin Hyuk telling Prosecutor Stank that he will punch him on the left rendering him paralyzed or from the right leaving him dead and to pick which one — is it wrong that that tittilates me…so…much? Murderer Mo hears his father railing on the phone about the unflattering reports. Thanks, JB, and everyone has a great weekend. That hand on the back of the head thing

That’s not her style anyway. Jin Hyuk will prevail. Kwon Joo strides out of the police station and calls Jin Hyuk. Please enter your username or email address. Eun Soo interrupts her thoughts with the research about Murderer Mo. Or at least, he tries to, but notices an additional note on his paper and looks questioningly at Shi-joon before reading one more name: He raises his voice saying that Jin Hyuk was attacking him without realizing it.

Jin Hyuk defers the conversation for later when he has solid proof.

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I love how the ooh is kh quiet sort of love. Oh, I’m not saying romantic love is better than the other kind. Thanks for the recap, JB, and your comments, as usual, are perfectly fitting like a hammer hitting a nail in its head.


Both had found a common ground for connection on the child. She not only has superb hearing but also an intuition and the emotional intelligence that makes her, in many ways, the heart of this show.

Father Mo is shocked. Jin Hyuk helps the pregnant woman and the child off the episodw. Episode 12 by LollyPip. The first step is to be a member, please click here: Are you kidding me?

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After all, love makes us do crazy things. I don’t presume to know. Her character is the most mature character in all characters in kdrama airing at the moment.

I had him pegged as involved in some way within the first 10 minutes of the drama, but laddy really did his back story well to create sympathy. GB kady just too precious, bouncing back time and time again despite of the setbacks. The assistant has driven Mo Tae Gu to the villa.

I first watched this drama because of Chae Rim I am such a big fan! I am fine with the PD, I think he did a great job building up the suspense in the drama.

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Murderer Mo needs fleshing out. The romance was really drawn out which is quite understandble as Min Woo had to grow up, accept his little girl before moving to Gae Hwa–our ajumma, she is not to me ever He demands to know where his son is.


She hangs up on him!! Is this murder central? Have a job truly interferes with my blogging!

What I loved is that the jaded anti-hero in this one, was the female lead Seol-Hwa on the plus side, its only 8 episodes.

His mother took him to this villa. Add and Subtract Game. Now she worries about her outburst causing gossip to worsen. Jin Hyuk is gracious and asks about the husband and child, both who are fine.

Dae Sik begs for his life. Hyun Ho reports over 10 years there have been 50 deaths and injuries. I ,y forward to the end. Episoxe previously posted the original version in the Episode 3 recap.

Kwon Joo starts searching Mo Transportation assets. Prettysup I agree, the PD is actually good, hence the atmosphere was well done, hmm editing was a bit troublesome but writing was the weakesr point.