When an underwater hurricane destroys a small reef , which a frogfish and other creatures depend on, Tweak and her crew must convert the recently destroyed Gup-F into an artificial reef before the second stage of the hurricane strikes! Examining a sick sea sponge, Peso is surprised to discover that all sorts of creatures live inside it, treating it like a hotel, a behaviour known as commensalism. Kwazii’s favorite sub, the GUP-B, goes missing in a huge kelp forest due to Kwazii pressing the eject button while the engine was active Something Tweak advised him not to do and Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, and Shellington must retrieve it, meeting strange and interesting creatures along the way. The Octonauts are helped by Shellingtons’s sister, Pearl, another sea otter and scientist and her newborn son, Periwinkle. Luckily, Peso heals it using vinegar and then goes to save Shellington along with Kwazii. But he and the Octonauts must catch a baby tree lobster that ended up in the Octopod and bring him back to Balls Pyramid. This is getting serious.

An enormous killer whale is stranded on a beach, and with some help from some crabs, the Octonauts manage to rescue it. Kwazii and Dashi become entangled in a strange deep-sea creature – a siphonophore – and when a geyser blasts it toward the surface, the Octonauts must stop its ascent before it fatally bursts. The Octonauts’ floating temperature sensors alert them to a risk of waterspouts due to a rise in sea surface temperature so they decide to retrieve the devices for safe-keeping. Kwazii has a pirate map showing the location of a sunken treasure ship which allegedly harbours a Kraken -like sea monster but which turns out to be an octopus which can change colour to camouflage itself. After his Gup is struck by lightning, Captain Barnacles gets trapped by a giant clam but doesn’t call for help as he wants the others to go help some manatees at risk from a thunderstorm. Sardines 29th March Episode

When an underwater hurricane destroys a small reefwhich a frogfish and other creatures depend on, Tweak and her crew must convert the recently destroyed Gup-F into an artificial reef before episose second stage of the hurricane strikes!

Comb jellies are similar, but unlike jellyfish, they don’t sting – 0: Tweak’s remote control system for the Gups malfunctions, so Barnacles and Kwazii are forced to chase after them with the pedal-driven GUP-F.

A second series of 22 episodes started on 19 November on the UK’s CBeebies channel [3] but was halted with no explanation after 10 episodes leading to criticism from viewers. Episodee Flying Fish 8th March Episode Kwazii enters a shipwreck to get Calico Jack’s map to an underwater city of gold.


Octonauts Creature Reports # The Comb Jelly – video dailymotion

Kwazii is driving the GUP-B when a school of flying fish comes around and he is gliding with the octonahts Kwazii notices he is hit by an unbreakable coconut and it has the symbol of his grandfather Calico Jack so then Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, Peso, and Tweak get a family of coconut crabs to help him open it.

When a population of crawfish is stricken by illness, the Octonauts race to find a cure. Captain Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso guard the jellyfish at a distant reef, so Shellington rushes to photograph it, damaging the GUP-E and booster packs in epislde process.

Will Captain Barnacles be able to save them and finally earn the Walrus Rescue Badge – the only one he hasn’t got? The crew must catch a runaway Octopod after it is hijacked by a group of crustaceans who are trying to flee an area of seabed being polluted with algae by a cimb pipeline.

The Octonauts and The Giant Jelly (Series 1 Episode 30) – video dailymotion

Webarchive template wayback links Episode list using the default LineColor. Peso is gathering red algae to cure the sick vegimals but needs the shapeshifting skills of a mimic octopus to scare off a moray eel by using its striped tentacles to pretend to be a group of poisonous sea snakes.

Some algae-eating fish need help dealing with damselfish that chase them off the algae they are farming. The Octonauts attempt to keep the peace amongst a trio of mudskippers whose home has been flooded. Barnacles, Kwazii and Peso attempt to save him but Barnacles gets stung by a jellyfish.

The Remipedes 1st March Episode List of episodes in series one Episode 1: Luckily, Peso heals it using vinegar and then goes to save Shellington along with Kwazii. Peso narrowly escapes when a hungry great white shark tries to eat him.

But he and the Octonauts must catch a baby tree lobster that ended up in the Octopod and bring him back to Balls Pyramid. A storm washes Peso onto a mysterious, rocky island where he meets a band of lobster-like insects thought to be extinct. This leads the octonauts up the Amazon Riverpast parrotsfreshwater stingrayscaiman and manatees. Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

The Giant Jelly

While diving down to the Midnight Zone, the Octonauts are attacked by bomber worms. Kwazii ends up having to defend the fish from a seabird and a swordfish that want to eat it.

The Octonauts must jell together as a team to help a lost sardine find her school. When Peso gets stranded on a beach with a mass of poisonous snakes episodd a terrible storm, he and the Octonauts must somehow get them back to the ocean.


As Tweak tests the Gup-X deep down in the Midnight Zonea yeti crab cuts a vital electrical wire in the ship and cuts off all power, endangering itself and the Octonauts. A third series of 22 episodes started being broadcast by CBeebies on 4 September Captain Barnacles voice Shelley Longworth The Octonauts help a year-old spider crab which has got its leg trapped in a giant clam whilst en route to its own th birthday party.

Looks like you found a new creature 0: Eventually they find out it’s a Sunfish a fish with no fins. The Octonauts explore the deepest part of the ocean where no daylight ever reaches and find some hydrothermal vents where vent fishlimpets and tube worms live, and also discover a new species of worm to put in Shellington’s book. After a storm, the Octonauts help a female seahorse search for her missing mate.

The Octonauts and The Giant Jelly (Series 1 Episode 30)

Captain Barnacles and Peso visit his sister Bianca at her den and helps her and her two cubs Orson and Ursa to find the sea ice during the springtime migration and call on the rest of the Octonauts to rescue fellow polar bears from NorwayCanada, Greenland and Russia as their ice floe was melting.

The Octonauts race against time to rescue Tweak’s pal, a leatherback sea turtle named Sandy, when she is swept away in a current leading to a whirlpool from the Australian coast where she was about to lay her eggs. After being blocked by hostile capybarasthey are reunited with the others in time to fight off more anacondas.

After an undersea tremor separates the Gup-X and its crew, Barnacles seeks guidance from a mysterious sea turtle. Retrieved 25 January She tells them to Kwazii’s surprise that the missing male seahorse cokb about to give birth to ochonauts seahorses!

The Octonauts must rescue Peso when he gets trapped inside a giant ctenophore. Kwazii ends up leaving the spyglass because it’s now the home of sea creatures. Peso voice Rob Rackstraw The Hermit Crab 2nd March Episode He’s best known for killing com, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set.