I am very glad to receive this order. You are son of a fish! The farmers agreed to his condition. Vebrinafaa Vebrinafaa , SuperStudent: Menak Jinggo proved to be a good general. They had a secret love. I will continued find the fish in the river. The prince asked permission from his father to marry Dayang Sumbi.

They are Dewi Galuh and Chandra Kirana. Dewi Galuh felt envy, then she went to a witch. How she can change into herself again? He was curious, so he peeped through the bushes. By doing so he hoped that Damar would give him valuable information. Candra Kirana, do you know?

But Menak Jinggo was a smart person. SlideShare Explore Search You. Galuh Ajeng went to the witch. Scene 5 The old woman very curious where all the food came. She should having breakfast with us right now. Would you accompany me to the market? Long time ago there was a big kingdom. My name is Galuh Ajeng. Today you have to prepare everything and tomorrow you must leave for Blambangan secretly.

All the animals nodded nasskah.

Are you love Kirana than Ajeng? How can you know?

If you want, you can stay here and be my daughter. He always woke up very late. He could not accept it. He immediately hit the rave with 1 stick. Then it was called Lake Toba and in the middle of the lake there is an island called Samosir Island. Who is he exactly? Cindelaras was very surprised. And the temple is called Loro Jonggrang temple. She is my daughter, Keong Mas.


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Published on Dec 11, Now there is a rebellion in Majapahit. Buta Ijo will chase you. But she naskxh not wish to disappoint him by cancelling the wedding. He ordered his men to treat him well. As a result, he was very skillful at using sword, lance, as well as empty hand fighting technique.

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Then he explained his plan. I am very fond of her.

He felt both thrilled and happy to see Raden Putra. She’s dead, son Prince Andika: It was already a decision. Fresh fish Madame, fresh fish He learned martial art, religion, politics, and literature. This time it turned into a lake.

She also said thanks. When Logender got home he called Damar Wulan immediately.


Now, I will make you the one-thousandth temple. He carried a bunch of bananas. Day in and day out but Samosir never changed.


He stopped somewhere nasksh the street and ate the food. One day, Sangkuriang was going on a hunt. Under his leadership the Blambangan army could win several battles with Majapahit army.

He built a simple house in the woods for her. He was a half brother of the Queen Kecono Wungu. What did you give to my wife?

He did not want to work at all. Timun Emas was thankful to god and came back to her home. His house is in the woods. I changed Candra Kirana into snail and threw it. After praying, she became convinced that the young man was indeed her missing son.