So why a 7? I’ve fallen in love with him. This is an example of a WordPress page, you could edit this to put information about yourself or your site so readers know where you are coming from. You will see something that part 1 don’t have. Please reload the page and try again. But i still prefer the Original coz the chemistry btw Yuichiro and the current lead is not as good as with Takeuchi Yuko! Overall, it was watchable, but not particularly re-watchable. This is the Real Me!!

They had more chemistry and were a lot more ‘convincing’ than this one. Reviewed by sparklie on 27 July Nagase looks perty good and not such a bad singer anymore I see. He cares a lot about his daughters, and is proud of them. Even though Tomoya-kun’s role is still acted out to his best but I’d say the plot is kinda disappointing. The Secret of the Birth Ep

Once again, Nagase overacts to a endearing, lovable degree – and that’s what I love about him. Nways imo Mukodono is not memorable IMO, better than the previous [Rating: The lead guy is gorgeous though.

Mukodono! () | dorama

To make life more difficult he has to deal with problems at home: Reviewed by hydea on 18 December They just blatantly stare at Yuichiro, and thoroughly check him out. Every one of the Ishihara sisters has both brains, epiode, and a no-nonsense attitude. They had more chemistry and were a lot more ‘convincing’ than this one.


He is just as cool!

The Secret of the Birth Ep On the movie screen is the most stylish and striking commercial this fall. And finally their first kiss.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Because his real last name is different, and he hasn’t yet found the opportunity to tell her, Minami is unaware of her boyfriend’s true identity.

But it would be impossible to those, myself included, to watch this one with the same mindset as those who have never seen the first, unless of course, we also find a way to cross into that paralle universe. Comments by jekert [Rating: Moment of Arrest Ep Do not proceed if you do elisode want to read about this drama’s endings and plots! Takuro, the president of the agency, is the only one laughing. The lead character has become a parody and feels embarrassing most of the time.

Epiaode none has gotten married yet. Comments by pj0t [Rating: That’s what touches Yuichiro’s heart even more. Overall, it was watchable, but not particularly re-watchable. A loading error has occurred. The cast changed too, except for Tsunku and Shinohara Ryoko.


In an attempt to dodge the kitten, Yuichiro falls on his side, and hits a pedestrian. I heard part I is better Did you find this review helpful?

Tomoya also did a great job as Sakuraba Yucchiro. He’s the only male in the family, and always seems to lose to his daughters. Despite the glitz and the glam, and the good cast, the drama is rather weak.

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A Trap…A Fallen Star!

But the show on mmukodono whole Toko is the eldest, followed by Nishie, Kitae, and Akira. Comments by icebaby [Rating: I do however like the creativity of the new live component.

But i still enjoyed this! Reviewed by Fyxyse on 14 April The story and the cast is great. Very touching in many points. So that’s the only reason I watched it till the end I’ve fallen in love with him.

All of a sudden, the light on the porch comes on. Unlike the original series. April 01, Epsiode Comments by arashinokoto [Rating: