Soon Phanpy is in trouble from Arbok’s Wrap. At the same time, Poliwhirl finds the King’s Rock and is returned with it. Misty started to consider evolving Poliwhirl. Misty commands it to use Water Gun. Misty’s Politoed is very cheerful, enthusiastic, and eager to please. Retrieved from ” https: Then two orange farmers James and Meowth come up and tell him that she tells the truth and show him the crop they made out of it. After evolving into Politoed it is always very happy and loves to clap, and also encouraged Ash in the Silver Conference.

The following is a list of cards named Misty’s Poliwag, Poliwhirl, and Politoed. Both Ash and Poliwrath’s Trainer ask what the big deal is. Please feel free to edit this article to make it conform to Bulbapedia norms and conventions. Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Team Rocket runs away scared that he might catch up. Misty congratulates Politoed and it starts dancing. For a while, in I Politoed Ya So!

An energy sphere was sent across the arena causing whirlpools to form. Then all of a sudden, Brock stops the match.

Delaney realizes about the machine and is angry. Misty did not notice this, and simply gave Poliwhirl to Nurse Joy for treatment. Pinsir US and internationalPoliwhirl Japan. Credits Animation Team Ota. Ash sends out Phanpy. Soon they are in the Meowth balloon making their escape by air. In the second round Poliwhirl started against Ash’s Totodile. Victreebel attacks except Politoed handshakes it.


Please remember to follow the manual of style and code of conduct at all times. Ash recalled Totodile and sent out Kingler.

Mistys Poliwhirl Evolves Into Politoed – video dailymotion

During the competition, Misty and Poliwhirl formed a rivalry with Andreas and his Poliwrath. Brock then notes that Epsiode confuses and raises its opponents’ attack power.

Meanwhile, Team Rocket celebrates and tries to train Poliwrath.

Both Andreas and Misty had a 55 kilogram Seaking, meaning they had to battle each other to decide mist winner. Misty, in particular, encourages her Poliwhirl to watch closely as it may someday evolve into a Poliwrath.

The Stun Spore Detour. Hook, Line, and Stinker. Bayleef starts off with Razor Leaf. Misty’s PsyduckStaryuand Goldeen then popped out of their balls to encourage Poliwhirl and it decided to resume the battle.

Poliwhirl and Misty managed to hook a Seaking just as time ran out for the competition. Poliwhirl also had a bit of a confidence problem, shown in Hook, Line, and Stinker when Poliwhirl would hide behind Misty when overwhelmed.

Soon Pooiwag is in trouble from Arbok’s Wrap. Poliwhirl then beat Poliwrath, winning the competition for Misty. Ash, Brock, and Misty introduce themselves too. When seeing Delaney, Poliwrath struggles a lot more than previously.

Mistys Poliwhirl Evolves Into Politoed

Misty again commanded Poliwhirl to unleash another Bubble but Kingler used Crabhammer first. As the gang follows they slide down the hill into a truck carrying hay, as Team Rocket disappears behind a mountain.


Jessie sends out Arbok. However, she is unable to because evolutionary stones are too expensive. Japanese themes Opening Ready Go! Using Water Gun as a Poliwag. Meanwhile, Poliwrath wakes up. As Poliwrath defeats an UrsaringAsh and his friends catch up.

As they come out of the center a man runs up to them and says something about a Poliwrath and three other “folks”. As is often the case, the battle isn’t long over before this challenger and Ash and Misty have become fast friends. Soon Meowth is using the machine to control Jessie. The match soon appears to be a bad match up for Bayleef as Poliwrath has Bayleef on two feet not four.

For a while, in I Politoed Ya So! Retrieved from ” https: Then Arbok launches an attack on Politoed.

Misty’s Politoed – Azurilland Wiki

Politoed does the same thing on Victreebel. Next she tells him she can remove the evil. Poliwhirl attempted to use Double Slapbut Totodile dodged and Headbutted it back into a pillar.