He once again promises that he will never leave again and they go to breakfast. Nuriko, Chiriko, Mitsukake and Hotohori materialize as well, as a precursor to Miaka’s arrival. But when they finally reached the roof where the ceremony will be held, it was too late for them because Yui is finally summoning Seiryuu. The mirror-Miaka is defeated by the three warriors, and Miaka reappears, nearly dead. He doesn’t know what to think. Tamahome was in profound pain himself. In Kutou, meanwhile, Yui had been attending to Tamahome, who had been asleep for the last five days. It has been three years since Miaka’s journey into the “Universe of the Four Gods.

Learning that Yui is still not home, Miaka goes to her own home where she tells her big brother, Keisuke about the events in the Universe of the Four Gods. However, when they are gone, Tamahome’s blank eyes are filled too with tears. She gets hit over the head with a soccer ball and a Tamahome look-a-like with Tomo’s voice shows up in shorts I have to keep you safe. After mourning his death a few more moments and pledging his death would not be in vain, they bury him in the snow and head towards the cave containing the Shinzaho. She ends up meeting with Nakago, who takes away her voice and then punches her in the stomach, making her pass out.

On the emperor’s orders, she and Tamahome are captured and imprisoned. One day she finally believed.

Unbeknown to them, Shigio was actually the human form of Tenkou, their enemy. The series was followed by three Original Video Animation releases. This may include court appearances and negotiations with the other party.

Just outside the cave, Ashitare’s wolf form managed to steal the Shinzaho from them, and lead it to Nakago. Miaka falls into a Ravine and hurts her ankle. They realize he is Hotohori’s reincarnation and he joins them on the journey to the capital.

For all the people who watch “Fushigi Yuugi”: When does Tasuki kiss Miaka??

She even tells her brother, but he doens’t believe her. Sadly after Nuriko’s death, Miaka and the remaining Suzaku Seven went inside the cave to locate the Shinzaho of Genbu. Miaka than collapses and immediately dies on Taka’s lap. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.


She consents, but Chichiri saves her and frees the others. Tasuki and Tamahome go after him so Miaka makes Chichiri take her to them. Tamahome wakes up and is angered by the fact that Episoxe has once again run off. Miaka chillingly screams out Tamahome’s name, running towards him. Nuriko kisses Tamahome yuck and Miaka gets jealous Later, Yui takes Miaka in to Seiryuu’s hall or whatever you call it.

They try to fight mirror-Miaka, but she uses the mirror to suck out all their power. While Yui and everyone are looking for Taka he is stumbling around town. Instead of waiting for Amiboshi to return, as she was instructed, Miaka runs off to find Yui and runs into Soi.

For all the people who watch “Fushigi Yuugi”: When does Tasuki kiss Miaka?? | Yahoo Answers

You’re talking nonsense and I can’t say I understand. Amiboshi offers Miaka a forgetfulness leaves potion to help her forget her painful past and she almost accepts them, but remembers Nuriko, Tamahome, and the rest of taduki Suzaku Seven and declines.

She is saved from a giant weasel by Suboshi and passes out. Sighyou reveals his true name being Rennou and that Miaka is his enemy. Hotohori is being criticised by his advisors about not taking an Empress near the lake. Tamahome ends up meeting with Yui, and episoode Miaka and Tamahome stop at a lake to rest and eat. Tamahome attempts to enter the Suzaku shrine, but is rejected by the Suzaku barrier then lashed by the palace guards and thrown out of Konan.

All 4 gods arrive in the world to destroy Tenko who is not really a god. Yui runs into a surprised Nakago, who gives her a small parcel. When Miaka chews some gum and blows a bubble, it terrifies the guard who runs away, leaving the keys behind. He attempts to rape Miaka until he realizes she is crying and can’t understand why, but Taka enters the room.


Meanwhile, Chiriko is slowly waking up, slowly controlling his own self, but Miboshi is much stronger. Miaka also returns and wakes up in the hospital. When awakened, Tamahome explains he has no chance to protect his loved ones, so he promised himself that he will always protect Episide.

Miaka smells food and wanders off to eat.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. She kis him that she has a been a good girl and asks Tamahome to never leave her side.

The next morning, Miaka is frantic after she finds Tamahome missing. While inside the ship, Soi began challenging Miaka and electrifying the others so they won’t be able to save her. The mkaka day, Hotohori and Miaka have a heart-to-heart discussion, which makes Tamahome and Nuriko jealous.

He drops the sword and his miala reappears. In the throne room, Hotohori asks Miaka to become the Priestess of Suzaku to save his country of Konan. Tamahome asks the old man Miaka and Taka did not survive the blast but by separating their life forces from their bodies they were able to retain their lives.

The two friends tearfully embrace, but in doing so Miaka drops her bag and the scarlet Suzaku copy of the Universe of the Four God falls out.

I love someone so deeply that I am devoted to protecting that someone. The group follows Amiboshi to a river. He is depressed cause no matter how many times he calls her, she doesn’t answer. Miaka can’t believe it at first and pleads with him to get up.