August 1, at 4: Park Ji Bin Supporting Cast. July 27, at 1: Lan January 27, at 2: TVU is letting me down today!! Jae Hee Main Cast.

Their definition of love is more than just making the hearts beats faster. July 25, at October 11, at I noticed it too! The one, singular, make-it-or-break-it event upon which the future of the entire monarchy rests… NOT. July 24, at 3: Someone said there was only 1 episode today:

Episode 12

He recites all of her outlandish behavior dancing in the street, asking a stranger to hand over his receipt, and so on to point out how very un-princessy she is. Seol is so freaking adorable.

Hae Joo turns in her bottles and gets money which she uses to buy a few squares of tofu. August 24, at 3: July 28, at 2: Park Ji Bin Supporting Cast.

She keep in touch with Park Chang Hee and they became lovers. July 19, at 3: The group escapes through the basement and takes off running through episodr countryside. There will be a lot of argument and misunderstandings to come…. It seems now that everything he is holding onto is slowly falling apart.


Jang Do Hyeon had instructed to kill her but. July 21, at 7: What’s interesting is how he is slowly letting go of a stance he should be making – pitting himself as Seol’s enemy.

July 24, at 2: How could his hyung shoot him? October 8, at I waited very long for this drama.

My Princess: Episode 7 » Dramabeans Korean drama recaps

MAVY January 27, at 5: Ditto about KTH overacting being annoying. Instead he kidnaps her. JUst that when you talked about black eyeballs and retinas, it reminded me of it! Don,t waste too much time in shang hai it,s very boring, no romance at all, pls. I had to rewind to that part because it was simply TOO funny!

Korean Show: To The Beautiful You (Episode 11)

November 6, at It is a lose-lose situation for him no matter what. July 27, at 8: If episod is the case, I think her strategy might be fine, but if she just wants to see him being diligent in his job, I think this is totally wrong.


He tilted his head all weird July 30, at 9: Anyway, I hope it will be good and not mess with our OTP too much!

Otherwise, it is just another so-so soap opera in my opinion. January 27, at 6: August 26, at 9: Not only his looks, but he character in this drama makes me fall in love with him!!!!!! The storyline amy good. While growing up, she had made friend with.

YY January 27, at 5: In queen no one has informed you yet, the Taiwan version has the exact same ending as the original China version. Liked to silence too!