Plus it gives me more of a chance to read all the comments and comment myself, lol! I guess we will find out next week how! And that the people in the hatch wore radioactive suits when they went outside. And when everyone goes into that hole after Montaun did they get him out? So, you can expect the blog to be posted a little later next Thursday. I want some answers! Ben had asked Tom to “get him the man from Tallahassee” and hours later it was done.

There’s lots of NOT remembering things going on! Over the course of years or so black shirt guy and Jacob have refined their battle. I agree with AUstarwars and Farrah, that “whatever happened, happened” is all about course correction. After performing his first solo surgery on a young girl a story he recounts to Kate in ” Pilot, Part 1 ” , Jack tries to buy a chocolate bar from a vending machine, but it gets stuck. I forgot to get into the Island Speaing to Locke more. What exactly happened after Desmond turned the failsafe key?

But Charlotte and Pen could pass for sisters!

Perhaps Dan sees that and tries to find a way to change events that have happened, hence going back to little Charlotte to save her. So you fought in the Korean War? Just wanted to drop by and say how much I love this blog and forum.

We’ll just have to wait and see. They can not kill one episodee. This implies to me that the knife in fact epidode to him — perhaps Jacob took it from him during one of their wars. Maybe there is something else going on there? So, you can expect the blog to be posted a little later next Thursday.


Cartlon further added jokingly I am going to go ahead and almost guarantee it. The line of “I have done a lot to make this so or whatever he says ” is reference to Smokey becomming all these ghostly influences on the island to put people on the path Christian, Kate’s Horse, Hurley’s friend, etc to bring them all to this point.

The other question would be did they originally die in but then prevented their deaths this time around which we witness next week? The ironic thing is, she probably would have left the island anyway due to the evacuation of women and children, but because Daniel talked to Charlotte, it kept their loop alive.

The Substitute

Once Charlotte told Dan he saw her as a child, why did he not lostpecia her, beg her, to use him as her constant? Finally, a small question to throw out there, could the donkey wheel be the ship’s wheel from the Black Rock?

Remember the doctor from the freighter who washed to the island dead before he was killed be Kemmy on the freighter. Okay, I can’t wait anymore.

Anyway, Locke tells Richard that he is going to have about 3 minutes to get this right.

I also wonder if we’ll run into a young christian shephard on the island in their travels to the past. What Year were you born? Here are some seasn secrets you can share. Sayid thought he was changing the future by shooting and attempting to kill Ben, but really that was something that was already designed to happen.


How does she know all this? They have been looking for Jin and Miles losrpedia also noted that there were 3 late add-ons to the manifest. And once they are done with that he wants Richard to take him to see Jacob. To which I still wonder if Sun was trying to kidnap Aaron, hence the creepy phone call to her Ji Yeon about how she met a new friend for her. Ilana asks Richard the seaso, “what lies in the shadow of the statue”, and Richard replies, “Ille qui nos omnes servabit” Latin for “He who will save us all.

Lost Addicts Blog: LOST Season 5 Episode 16 & 17 – The Incident

It’s not exactly heavy on science peisode even geography, necessarily. Throughout the previous seasons, the final scene of each season had a secret code name. But on the great debate between detonating the H-bomb Daniel’s idea, led by Jack now and leaving everything alone Sawyer’s ideaI’m leaning in Sawyer’s direction. Just can’t figue out what yet.

If you recorded that, would you mind doing a short recap in the discussion here as to what they may have covered what we were contemplating?! Yep, it’s Kate to rain on Sawyer’s happiness yet again! Ben goes eposode a rant about Locke suspecting he’ll throw a coup. Locke is going to kill Jacob!