However, trouble starts to brew as Sweetsland’s most prized treasure, the Mascaron Tiara has been mysteriously stolen. Later on, the girls find out that Muira held first place in the entrance exams yet was sent to containment on his first day of school. On the other hand, Lady Lecter summoned Cayenne, Romeo and Soarer and told them about the Royal Palace and either one of them can go there to study further to become King. Anime and manga portal. Also, Miura finally discovers the shocking truth about Cayenne and Lillian. The next exam for the ladies is to learn more about making fashionable clothes and must make a dress for the doll they received. Halloween is just around the corner. But that’s said, Momona and Lillian must use their time to spend a night with each other seeing that Cayenne is no longer here.

Now as an ordinary girl, she treats the entire thing as if it was all a dream and goes on with her everyday life. But Miura is now fully aware of Luea’s actions to Lillian, however she decides to stop him before he has a chance to talk to her. Only then the two learned more about how both Prince Alto and Lady Diana met about their first date. Lady Jewelpet Country of origin Japan No. Views Read Edit View history. With the ladies will have difficulty on this task, Momona will have a hard time for the test itself. The story focuses on Momona, a girl from Jewel Land who accidentally gets transported into a mysterious place during her cousin’s wedding reception.

Miura and Luea then jewlpet about eradicating Momona and Ruby out of the competition; him doubting on what she said while Lillian overheard their discussion.

But now is the time for englosh prince to finally gather his courage and propose to Momona for their marriage. It is confirmed to be the Final Wand as Joker finally scolds her for deliberately episoode him and failing her duties. The summoned beast has been defeated, but Diana has used up her magic to seal the engllish.

It is also decided that the ladies must work with the Male Jewelpets in order to pass the test. During the test, they all go to the city to interview various people in town. Also, Miura finally discovers the shocking truth about Cayenne and Lillian. But when Fnglish and Miura go to the fortune teller he tells Miura englisy Lillian doesn’t have a past and a future she only has the present, which confuses him regarding her origins.

Momona’s next lady challenge is to understand Ruby more deeply and to find her true powers. With the event being organized by Ruby, Luea plans to spoil the event for the Petit Ladies and on her sheer hate against her. Worse, she abandons her test, which causes a serious problem between her and Soarer. Standing in front of Jewel Land’s prestigious Jewel Palace alongside the other girls, she meets Ruby, a white rabbit Jewelpet who chooses her to be her partner and become a Petit Lady.


But that’s said, Momona and Lillian must use their time to spend a night with each other seeing that Cayenne is no longer here. In there, Momona encountered Miura and he told her to be herself regarding the secret of her enrollment to the Jewel Palace.

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Reunited at last with her human partner Diana, Luea finds out ,ady Lillian is still alive. During Momona’s vacation with Cayenne, Lillian and Romeo, Lady Jewel appeared before them and gave them the next test which is obtaining a “star” in order to pass.

Miura then met up with Momona to show lavy and Ruby something, a private video regarding Momona’s cousin: The Petit Ladies’ next test is to convey her feelings through a love e-mail using the Jewel Pod. From helping out a couple to find a restaurant to arranging flowers, regardless of how small the act of kindness, helping someone epksode need leaves a lasting impression.

Elena is ambushed by one of the Beasts and fights back, but is suddenly possessed by a strange shadow who wants to steal the Final Wand from Ruby. As Christmas is coming soon, Both Lady Lecter and Lady Boot are investigating the mysterious attacks that happened in the Jewel Palace and how it can be linked to another crisis in Jewel Land.

Seeing it maybe an easy task, Momona starts to get worried regarding Cayenne, as he’s transferring to the Royal Palace. Suub Jewel Palace host their annual Jewel Festival; which occur once every summer.

For Momona’s next test, she must learn to carry herself gracefully with courage with the setting being the haunted house inside the Jewel Palace, believed jewdlpet haunted by ghosts. Momona and Ruby, meanwhile, have to figure engpish Momona became a policewoman for a day in order to complete the task while Lillan became the curator of the Jewel Museum. However when she accidentally dropped it on the ground, Miura and Momona were sucked inside. However it failed as she died using up her magic.

Her friends from the Jewel Palace are gonna try to cheer her up during her return in the New Year, but they found out that Momona went back only to repair her Rnglish Pad.

But standing in their way is Lillian and her Jewelpet partner, Luea, who also both want the same title and also, the hand of Prince Cayenne.

Because of this, she kidnaps Miura, only for him to discover Lillian’s true origins, regretfully saying that he loved her despite of it all. But they were more surprised when she told them the shocking truth on her descent to darkness. However realizing that a Shooting Star fell on the island, the ladies and princes must race against each other in order to get the price and pass the test. As Momona and Lillian’s preparation’s are finished and the final task is near, both girls are ready for move to the Royal Palace before Christmas.


As Ruby tells her to become a Petit Lady so she can be crowned a Lady Jewel, Momona has some tough decisions if she can do it.

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Views Read Edit View history. CS1 Japanese-language sources ja Infobox television season articles that use the season name parameter Articles containing Japanese-language text Episode enhlish using the default LineColor.

The ladies’ next task given to them is to be good at conversation and become an announcer in order to pass the test. As they all decided to find out his true motives, the ladies and princes were given a new task regarding on letting the lady to go first as part of manners. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. However, the task given is rather tough for the Petit Ladies. Since the Ladies needs to evaluate the Princes this time, Momona and Miura discover something surprising about the Music Episde Lillian found and its connections to Lady Diana.

But to make things even worse, Luea knew everything about her secret about Momona chosen during the wedding, all due to a mysterious person who summoned her.

Ldy when the beast is defeated, Momona is shocked to see Diana sacrificing herself to the Door of Chaos.

Only then the two learned more about how both Prince Alto and Lady Diana met about their first date. Who really is Joker?

Lady Jewelpet Episode 18 English Sub

Ruby and Luea are celebrating the first day of the new year in the Royal Palace as Momona goes back to the Royal Palace. Episodr when the Jewelpet featured in the test is Nephrite, things doesn’t seem to go as planned for Momona when she found out he is more of a trouble to work on.

Miura on the other hand decides to crack into Luea’s Jewelpad and discovered something interesting. Retrieved from ” https: However lday doesn’t go well for Lillian herself and she decides to survey the two, along with the others following her.