Why don’t you break the news to your friends. And wanna know something, he’s our Fanservice character. My hair has gotten longer. Apparently the school is a co-curricular, but separate sides and classes. Is that the one where Brock really love Pokemon “breeding”, if so, that one is great. If blue means we’re on the same side, what about our enemies?

Aw, she’s gonna admit her love for somebody. I watched 10 episodes of Yugioh and I just didn’t get it. Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles Episode 1 9. It’s the only way I can watch the series now: Dimentio looked at at the Entrailed Animal, “Really? Dimentio’s eyes widened, “Oh-” There was a blue shine and Dimentio was back to being male, “Thank you male body!

Hey, don’t you NOT do a review! There was a really good elfen lied abridged but it got taken down and the guy doesnt want to upload them anymore: Plus there’s somebody at the door.

I noticed in Abridged Tien’s always one upping everyone else when it comes to banter. Even the voice acting is rather impressive for an amateur production, and I’ll definitely finish this one and explore others. Interestingly enough, a purple monster was overhead, watching her. Nullmetal Alchemist is funny and well made, go for that. Was hoping they’d get through all of Goku vs Cell in this episode but it’s not a big deal.


I freaking loved that one. Only really like yugioh, infinite ment which got canceled and code ment. I’ve seen bits and pieces of Vegeta along with Nappa and they’re pretty funny. Toil Sweat Owkwa O2 Digest: You Yui Horie sound-a-like! I suggest giving it a shot if you ever watched pokemon as a kid or even recently.

That’s a bit of a shock. I couldn’t have asked for better payoff for that gag.

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These are your classics. Pleased to meet you! Vegeta killed me when he asked Krillin “Who’s the 4th? T-Those are my intestines, Natsuru-san!

Oh well, it’s not my problem. Unfortunately all you see is all Mischi has posted. But there kampcer a difference, Dimentio was currently a female.

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Red ones, to be more specific. I like the abridged series particularly the original one Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged. You should watch the original series epusode. So you don’t know why Kampfers are fighting against other Kampfers?


Kämpfer Abridged – Episode 4

I’m just saying what I’m seeing. At 51 episodes and one movie, it is one of the longest running Abridged series out there. Got to pay respect to the original after all.

Shouldn’t take too long to get good. A review in the start of the week! Naturu-san, if you know her, please introduce kamfer to her!

One of my favourite scenes in the original series. Also, Natsuru has an old friend who apparently travels the world. Obvious crush is obvious. Episode 12 of Sao abridged is out.