Episode 19 Part 1: A tradition that lasted from Kamen Rider Kiva to Wizard of promoting movies by releasing non-canonical shorts of various… oddballness online. Reply Parent Thread Link. Episode 46 Part 1: It shows that he has changed from fighting solo all the time. I am tempted to watch it just to see how badly it went!

Astro Switch Secret Report Video: The new character Yuuta had a nice introduction, he just seemed to be a random character, but I had a feeling that he would be important soon. Even among the main cast?! These four are Elien, Kengo, Yuuki, and Yuuta a new character. It wasn’t the same flashy one from the other times though. Create your website at WordPress. Skip to content Open Menu Home Contact.

Usually, I would always go for the raw with soft subs for doramas but it doesn’t bother me as much with Anime and Toku so I just get Hardsubs for those.

Kamen Rider Fourze Episode 1 English Subbed – Youth is Transformed

Also, episode 36 is really weird. Even among the main cast?!

I didn’t saw TV Nihon subs but i guess quality of translation is good in both of them so i’m just always picking Over-Tiime because they give me more options to choose. Episode 47 Part 1: Episode 19 has been changed to fix an issue with two lines of dialogue not having been split properly. I’m 5 years older than him.


So na not awkward, especially as Ryo is 18, so there’s nothing wrong there xD No one else needs to know how old he is, do they xP.

During the race Elien starts to play dirty and attacks Yuuki making her fall down and break her leg. As for Hibiki, I got some stuff wrong Episode 16 Part 1: All seems well, but when Gen tries to befriend Foourze she refuses.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: It’s only 21 mins per ep and I have nothing else to do during summer hols so it was easy for me tv-nihhon watch them in 5 days xD Awww that’s awesome! Episode 5 Part 1: This is because she is a Zodiart and she has to follow orders.

Episode 37 Part 1: Episode 41 Part 1: The second half’s writer and director changed the entire way the plot was headed as well as re-wrote the ending at the last minute. Episode 8 Part 1: Newer Post Older Post Home.


Kamen Rider Fourze 37 – TV-Nihon

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? Episode ridrr Part 1: First Elien is like Motoyama from episode 15 and The System Down screen is great. Skip to content Open Menu Home Contact. Episode 31 Part 1: Episode 30 Part 1: See more of Heisei Henshin Heroes on Facebook. Everyone else did good as well.

During the rest of the day Elien starts to think to herself and is still mad about Yuuki tv-nijon. It’s like he knew he could have to fight her and when he did he knew he had to finish it. Episode 21 Part 1: Episode 20 Part 1: Log in No account?