All she wanted was for the miseries to end, and this made her think that getting rid of Takuma was the best way for this. A live action television series adaptation started airing in Japan on Nippon Television from November 4, Anonymous It’s also great to see how far Kurahana has come since the start. Luckily, Planetes as brought that back to me. Just when you thought Kikuri couldn’t get any creepier. Archived from the original on Heartbroken, Nanako knows Haru has given up in her life, and reveals the straw doll from Ai; Haru smiles, realizing Nanako understands her.

Also the Shibata family still has to be concluded much like Ai’s grandmother. Emi tries to help her, but her mother’s mental state deteriorates and she remains unconcerned for her daughter; even when Tatsuya was alive, she never cared about Emi – Tatsuya was everything to her. Yukina, the result of the father’s affair with another woman, demands that Kaori give her the Nakiri school. Views Read Edit View history. Considering how it frames the criminal organization for kids. I remember a mazinger reference in there too, also one of the buildings says Dagon on it, which fits very well I think. Episode 7″ in Japanese. He then goes to Takuma’s house and sees that Takuma doesn’t have the Hell brand on his chest, confirming that the boy is innocent.

The father comes home from work and Kyoko Kazama tells him about her day only for him to get angry. The fourth season is licensed by Aniplex of America and is set to be streamed on Amazon Prime Video [11] and Crunchyroll.

O I would really hate that, after all he has been through: I usually hang around the animeblogger channel, in irc. I don’t know if that’s a good pattern but it’s and interesting way to build a female character in which the relationship with their old friends fitakomori a way to add pathos. Eisaku, the son of the landlord, and his friends try to drown Michiru. After a young boy died at the road, his older brother, truck driver Michiro Ito, wants vengeance on the old man.

Only Tsugumi still recognizes her.

Souta Hosono is a hikikomorian snoujo boy who spends his school time in the infirmary. Vonter I’m a bit baffled why Fruits Basket is getting a new adaptation. Heartbroken, Nanako knows Haru has given up in her life, and reveals the straw doll from Ai; Haru smiles, realizing Nanako understands her.


After the memorial service, Miharu Koyama accesses the “Hell Correspondence” website once more. The next day, Daichi Nizushima tears down the cardboard on his window and decides it is finally time to see the outside world.

Jgioku I should really watch Shirobako one of these days and on the manga end, read Kurozuka as I remember the bit I did read was quite different from the anime which I loved. The first season of the series was licensed for North American distribution by Funimation Entertainment. This week Kon explores different generations, Shounen Bat gets caught and the Old Lady becomes relevant. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

It is revealed during Kanejo Natsuko’s punishment that her doll was a fake. I gasped and started crying a river The moment her assistants looked and couldnt do anything. Yuka Kasuga and her sister, Hiromi fulfill their dream of opening a bakeshop, and allow their father’s friend, famous baker Shinya Morizaki, to taste one of their father’s unique creations.

She later dies in a car crash. Enma Ai and Wanyuudo are by a grave in the forest as the doll disappears and a hand shoots up from the grave. However, Tetsu takes the doll and sends himself to Hell. In public, Nanako is the leader episodf Haru the goofball, but in reality, Haru is the dominant leader while Nanako her naive follower. The truth is, Honami sent her husband to Hell eleven years ago because he was abusive.

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When they drink a soup made from a poisonous mushroom!? In the morning, Shibata Tsugumi has another vision of Enma Ai giving the trapped woman a doll; she sees a church in Hachiouji. Episod night, he receives a video of Shibata Tsugumi that says she will be killed tomorrow at sunset. Someone posts a picture of them together online, sparking rumors about Kashiwagi’s character.

Because of Kakinuma’s disappearance, Takuma is accused of killing both his parents. So sad to see them beating up Enma: The next morning however, Akira fiscussion Mitsuko’s shop abandoned, as Mitsuko has left, leaving Akira to ponder the consequence of his decision.


Retrieved October 18, The souls of her beloved was release to heaven?

Exact name of German article]]; see its history for attribution. Shortly after however, Kakinuma kills Takuma’s father.

My guess is that they plan to explain the work in more detail now that Ai isn’t there,she may try to discuussion a come back. Ai shows Yuzuki her childhood. This is definitely a good series to watch.

Yuzuki pushes him to do so but Takasugi backs out. Yuzuki asks Tsugumi for advice on avoiding her fate, but Tsugumi does nothing, believing only Yuzuki can save herself. Jun refuses, stating that Masako cannot sing. Mail will not be published required. Tsugumi reveals that she ddiscussion never fated to become Hell Girl like Yuzuki had thought. Hisahiro Ogura, the actor who portrays Wanyundou in the live action adaptation is also the Japanese male narrator at the beginning of every episode of the anime series.

Upon hearing of the attack on her daughter, Yuriko’s mother finally pulls the string on her doll.

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When Tomohide physically assaults Fumio, Fumio sends him to Hell out of desperation. Wanting to thank Joutarou, the two go down to the radio station and meet Yume, the scriptwriter.

Kiyo feels inferior to Tsuyu and betrays her when they try to run away, resulting in Tsuyu’s violent death. Michio chooses the murderer Chouchi, Asaba chooses her editor, and Kamisaka chooses his friend.

After his father’s death, Makoto Shinoda, a manager for the company his father worked at, tells Daichi Nizushima’s sister, Ayaka Nizushima, that he believes it is Daichi Nizushima’s fault because he does not come out of his room. The manga actually has multiple couples.