He goes to the bank to withdraw the money, but is shocked to see that only Rs. Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows. Muniyandi Vilangial Moonramandu Silambarasan, Gopika, Pradeep Singh Rawat. Sign up and get access to some cool features. It induces some laughter in the beginning, but she wins you over. A romantic interlude featuring Vinay and Bhavana in Uzbekistan. Amaravathi’s father doesn’t like Seenu’s proximity to Amaravathi and cuts his throat and throws him in a running river.

Guna comes along with his wife Poongodhai Vasundhara Kashyap to the registrar office to stop the deal. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set. The script and direction is described as “successful due to straightforward narration and packaging”. T he hero and his friends are in a cinema theatre, crunching on popcorn and getting ready to watch a Vijay-starrer. Learn more More Like This. Kannan deserves credit for a good job on his story and screenplay. Linguswamy Story by N. Audible Download Audio Books.

However Arjun is shocked when he learns that his late father had second family, and his half sister Brinda Lekha Washington is now trying to sell his family house in Madurai, a large lakeside villa with a mountain backdrop.

See what’s trending now. Views Read Edit View history. Finally, Brinda realizes her mistake and gets close with Arjun. Prakash Kumar, Rockline Venkatesh.

Director Vishnuvardan portrays this story of two orphaned youths with incredible A romantic interlude featuring Vinay and Bhavana in Uzbekistan. His circle of friends like Krishna KrishnaGopal Vivek and their wives, make him happy.

Silambarasan, Gopika, Pradeep Singh Rawat. She decides to sell the house in Madurai and get the money needed for her education. Kishore as Guna, a rowdy in Madurai who begins to clash with Arjun. Directed and produced by Anand Chakravarthy, music is by Selvaganesh.

Jayam Kondaan

Think Music Ayngaran Music. The film had musical score by Deva. He inquires with his father’s friends to get to know about the money. Thiyagarajan, Selvi Thiyagarajan and T. Revolving around a joint family system and its dynamics, this drama series attempts kondsan highlight the challenges that emerge in relationships when money comes into the picture.


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Kindaan as Krishna, Arjun’s friend. He believes that in order to reach one’s goals in life that it is better to win over your enemies and take them along. He has expressive eyes, emotes well, and makes sure his audience isn’t disappointed.

Bhavana as Annapurani, the daughter of Durai Raj, who lives in Arjun’s ancestral house. He’s best known for killing zombies, but Norman Reedus is more into sketch comedy than action when he’s off-set.

A small-time thief reforms after learning about the role played by his grandfather in building a dam. Arjun takes Brinda to his home and asks her to stay with him, and she hesitantly agrees. You look beautiful, so I’m scared! After clashes with his sister, he discovers another tragedy involving someone who wants to make a mobie with the family. Videos being watched right now. An introduction song with Vinay and his friends in Pondicherry.

Full Cast and Crew. Santhanam as Bhavani, a chilli broker in Madurai.

Arjun Sekhar as Vinay Bhavana Move last, Arjun finds that his father has purchased a house in Madurai with the money, but also is shocked to know that his father had another wife Chandrika Malavika Avinashwho is a French teacher and has a daughter named Brinda Lekha Washington through her. This angers Guna, and he wants to kill Arjun. HariharanMadhushree Bhattacharya.

Jayam Kondaan (2008) FULL MOVIE

Start your kondwan trial. Arjun kkondaan to Chennai with Brinda, but Chandrika passes away, and Brinda has no one to care for. Gunasingam, kondana family-loving farmer who hails from a small town, tries his best to keep his big family united despite him being misunderstood by many. The film revolves around an NRI civil engineer who returns to Chennai from London to set up his own business. However it claims that Bhavana, with her “soulful eyes and acting talent, could have done with a meatier role”.


To convince Annapoorani, Arjun cooks up a story that both Annapoorani and Arjun are childhood friends.

The audio of the film released worldwide on 3 Junetwo months prior to the release. Arjun Vinay Rai is an IT professional who lived in London for years, and has now come down to Chennai to start his own business.

Jeyam Kondaan – Naan Varaindhu Vaitha – DIVX – video dailymotion

Vivek seems to have lost his touch; his jokes fall flat. As it is, she shines during the comic parts and has tried, with moderate success, to speak the Madurai tongue herself.

Chandrika hands over the house documents to Arjun, and he leaves to Madurai to sell the house. A quarrel erupts between Arjun and Guna, and when Guna tries to hit Arjun with a hammer, it accidentally hits Poongodhai, and she dies.

Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Arjun explains his situation and requests them to vacate the home so that he can sell. Veerappu is a Tamil film. A love triangle forms between a happy-go-lucky man, an equally chirpy woman and a serious woman. Bhavana MenonVinay Rai Crew: A reasonably fast-paced vendetta follows Arjun to Chennai, leading him to shack up with his angry step-sister. Sign up and get access to some cool features.

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