Christy has a party for her newborn daughter. Can Olivia and Tracy come to an agreement, share control and pull off the show without a hitch? Season 4, Episode 5 March 18, New York Fashion Week inspires Olivia to create a runway show that features everyday, affordable fashion and of course, hair and make-up by Gatsby-To-Go. An old friendship reignites and Anthony is given some unsettling news. But Anthony seems to want to fly solo for this project, which Cathy doesn’t take too lightly. The Masked Singer 5. Olivia makes a shocking confession.

Alexa and Gayle offer their services to an assisted living home. When photoshoots for Tracy’s magazine apprenticeship and Gatsby 2 Go conflict, Olivia and Tracy battle. Olivia finally schedules her boob job, but starts to have second thoughts. In the season finale, the most distinguished Jersey salons from the Glam Factory to Anthony Robert congregate under one roof to showcase their styling talent at the Gatsby’s Gallery of Beauty event. Tensions between Tracy and Olivia are reignited, and Tracy dumps her boyfriend Lorenzo to focus on her career. The Masked Singer 5. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload. Select the Close button to save your changes.

Filly gets an offer to do Playgirl. Season 4, Episode 15 June 3, Olivia gets overwhelmed running two events on her own; a ssason questions her career after a Glam Fairy photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Tracy and Corey come to blows when the two realize they have completely different visions for their future wedding.

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Anthony holds a sales drive to motivate the staff to bring in new clients. Now that the new salon is back on schedule for its grand opening, Anthony wants to test it out by holding a Friends and Family Day. But Anthony has more than unfinished plumbing and bad reviews to worry about when Tracy and Olivia have a nasty, throw-down fight right before one of the most important moments of his career.


These are the Jerseylicious Greatest “Hits”. Meanwhile, Corey has a huge surprise awaiting Tracy which includes him getting down on one knee! Vanderpump Rules, Season 7.

Highlighting the fiercest moments of Jersey’s true Queen of Mean.

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From Gigi’s first pair of heels to Filly’s love for male thongs, this special dives into the heart and soul of your favorite “Jerseylicious” stylists. Unfortunately, Tracy gets trapped in a situation where keeping her distance from Gigi’s ex Frankie isn’t an option–and Gigi’s not happy about it.

Season 4, Episode 18 June 24, While Tracy is excited to add a new styling technique to her resume, she’s far less enthused with the prospect of learning from Fashion! Season 4, Episode 10 April 22, Tracy and Gigi are having a hard time adjusting to life as unemployed stylists. It’s the war of the jereylicious An jegseylicious friendship reignites and Anthony is given some unsettling news.

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After her big breakup, Gigi discusses easing her way back to the Gatsby–and working to get back in Gayle’s good graces. Season 4, Episode 23 August 5, See it all in part one episodr the “Jerseylicious” reunion special. Meanwhile, Olivia rekindles her relationship with her ex, Mikey, while Gigi adjusts to singlehood. The drama continues to unfold as the cast dishes on this past season’s memorable moments including Gigi’s heart wrenching break-up with Frankie and the aftermath of their destroyed relationship, Olivia’s decision to branch off from Gayle and Anthony’s salons, Cathy’s hostile attitude toward Gayle at the Gatsby’s Gallery of Beauty event and Briella’s poor choice in working a side job with Olivia while still employed at Alexa’s Glam Factory.


Olivia gets a new partner for a Gatsby 2 Go image makeover; Jon and Reynion get involved with Alexa’s engagement party. Tracy delves into her struggle to return to Gatsby-To-Go, but does she show any gratitude towards Olivia? seasno

Jerseylicious, Season 4

Meanwhile, the grand opening for the unfinished salon has Anthony on edge, especially since an internet critic will be attending. The cast of Jerseylicious reunites and dishes about the last year.

Alexa is set up on a blind date and asks Olivia to double date with her for moral support. Season jerseypicious, Episode 20 July 15, Chaos ensues when a huge launch event for The Gatsby’s new product line is scheduled the same exact day as a photo shoot for Anthony’s new billboard!

No hair extension is safe when the biggest, baddest, BEST fights are rehashed. But Anthony seems to want to fly solo for this project, which Cathy doesn’t take too lightly.

More Seasons in Series See All. Will Reunino be able to control herself around Gayle–or will Alexa take extreme measures to beat out her competition?

Tracy and Olivia have a run in at a club that changes things forever.