Apparently, Ipecac causes you to vomit, not by irritating your stomach lining, but by fiddling with your central nervous system, depressing something that keeps the peristalsis rippling down, not up. You can no longer purchase Ipecac at the pharmacy—they pulled it from shelves because too many people were using it for gags What is Chicken Soup for the Soul? Of course, there’s a wikiHow on the subject, which provides some semi-helpful suggestions. At least you didn’t smoke it or shoot it. And it doesn’t stop for hours. Silly me, I thought I’d cough up the pill and be done with it.

Ipecac doesn’t make you nauseated. I think you need to calm down a little. And it doesn’t stop for hours. However, instead of simply creating poetry as with previous requests, EPICAC surprises the narrator by saying that it would like to marry Pat. Not to mention courage. MercPerks Great deals on local businesses. More Chicken Soup for the Soul.

You can no longer purchase Ipecac at the pharmacy—they pulled it from shelves because too many people were using it for gags Prior to proposing such an endeavor, I should have inventoried my skills—or rather, lack thereof—in the cooking department.

I never said I bought it, I just found it online. Sorry, semilarge, you’ve been had. During a brief intermission, I searched for my unfortunate summmary guest.

Subscribe to The Portland Mercury ‘s newsletter Subscribe. Her eyes bugged out. Because of this, I had declared a lifelong abstinence from all cooking-related activities.

I tried the finger down the throat. The narrator takes this poem and passes it off as his own. But memories of that dinner date, and subsequent dinner dates when he bravely sampled my life-threatening meals, led me to a conclusion: But years later, in the throws of love, my culinary revulsion fell by the wayside.


I felt crappy for about twelve hours, if I recall correctly, maybe slightly longer.

30: The Epic of Ipecac

Long story short, my “friend” accidentally ate some chicken salad that had been kicking around for a month. The next day the narrator receives an urgent call from his supervisor.

Ipecac doesn’t make you nauseated.

Do people do that? The FDA did vote to take away it’s OTC drug status, and if the FDA ever gets enough funding to do anything ever, and summaey makes that change, it won’t be available at all cause it doesn’t have prescription drug status.

I have to laugh because I never imagined my Ipecac story would ever be of any use besides embarrassment. My experiences in cookery always ended with the same outcome—disaster.

That’s the best review I’ve ever gotten. In order to protect the rights of the copyright holder, no portion of this publication may be reproduced without prior written consent. Science fiction short story.

It plt drapes a leaden stupid over your thought processes. I say just become a hermit and live in a cave. He finds Pat and asks her to marry him again, citing his previous poems as expressions of his feelings.

My mom quickly discovered my sugary mistake, added more of the other ingredients to compensate, and created a lifetime supply of frozen barbeque sauce. This has been very interesting as well as hugely helpful. Apparently ioecac make it in tablets http: Nothing happens so much as just losing your will to live.


Of course I had.

The wikiHow on Inducing Vomit is Kind of Awesome – Blogtown – Portland Mercury

That brave soul, who became my husband, no longer questions the safety of my chicken. Of course, make sure you wipe your ass with the right leaves. And the inevitable happened—again, and again, and again. Pat is so delighted that she and the narrator kiss for the first time. I would have called the doctor before administering anyway.

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I think you need to calm down a little. It is unpredictable in its actions as you foundand it can cause worse troubles than you experienced.

But after piecac a few bites, we polt the chicken tasted strange. This page was last edited on 1 Julyat Silly me, I thought I’d cough up the pill and be done with it.

Six hours later, thirteen vomiting incidents into my ordeal, I decided to call an expert to find out just exactly what I’d done to myself. His willingness to even try a bite of the bird demonstrated considerable kindness. How ironic, they come from a site called ‘lucky vitamin’: Welcome to the Monkey House. But he’s a kind man. Hopefully your Fourth of July holiday did not prominently feature vomiting—mine did.