She is like a family to him. I have no plans on finishing this drama and am only watching the childhood episodes for my favorite child actor Kwak Dong Yeon, but this first episode was really good. You are commenting using your WordPress. That kid is awesome. It is indeed a manhwa that has come to life. Woo Do-hwan and Yang Se-jong are being offered leading roles in jTBC’s “My Country” , a historical drama about three men and women trying to protect their love while caught in the whirlpool of history, The Inspiring Generation Team.

Comment Policy – Stay on topic and do not spam. But that adult Gaya at the start though wow. Hope it gets better. That and I am so confused about the character relationships, and to a lesser extent, the gang dynamics. Let us hope that the adult actors can hold a candle to their younger counterparts. I cannot have you go through what you went through for that show that shall not be named for 24 whole episodes. I liked the first two episodes really much and the visuals are amazing and the story is really interesting!

Join 4, other followers Sign me up! Please enter your username egneration email address. It got me jawdropped! Click here to learn more. Shin Eun Jung Supporting Cast. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel. He looks goosdrama he’s had it rough lately and I want to see him happy again with that charming smile Jung-tae takes a boat to get there, his eyes scanning the grand city from his place on the deck. The key point is which one of them will take the throne?


Can you imagine the meta they could do if there was any way Inspuring would allow it? I have hope, but I’m tempering that hope at least I should be doing that. More “Golden Cross” starts off easy with 5. Ive seen two episodes but i am thirsty for more.

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It’s only been 2 episodes and so far not much has been called upon in terms of his acting. With his talents he joins a gang of smugglers Dobinori, which promises to give him the money that he so desperately needed. Then Kyu-hyeok appears in front of him and Yong-cheol is furious that he let the murderer free until he is oppressed, Home Follow on Twitter Do you know William?

geeneration This is less than The mysterious onlooker at the fight now makes his reappearance to tell Jung-tae of a mountain near the Chinese city of Henan where the dead are buried—and that his father was buried there a few days ago. Meta [Happily never after] Maybe There’s not much yet in the first two episodes, but he fights well: Glass breaks as a man is thrown through a window.

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I was wondering how he was going gooddrrama fall for Ok Ryun when it feels like it’s always been more of a one-sided love. Choi Chul Ho Supporting Cast.

Well for me, the plot and flow of the story is great so far. His muscular body was revealed as he was getting dressed and made everyone forget that he was actually a ‘pretty boy’. TV Inspiring Generation Episode 6. OMG, cant believe at first seeing this post as the main article, OMG, inspirng glad finally dramabenas pick it up to do recapped, thank you HeadsNo2!!


Him or Jin Se Yeon. While some of these changes sound encouraging, it’s a really, really bad sign goordrama the plot outline is so fuzzy that the writer can get away generatioj shuffling characters around like this. It was with ‘s “Secret Garden” and also ‘ The Man From Nowhere ‘ that Kim got more attention in both cinema and the drama industry.

According to Nielsen Korea, the first episode of ” Golden Cross ” rated 5. Waiting for episode 3 next Wednesday.


The casting is spot on. The cuts and scars all over his body make him look wilder, That and I am so confused about the inepiring relationships, and to a lesser extent, the gang dynamics. Shin Seung Hwan Supporting Cast. He is a great actor and has studied Hyun Joong a lot, his gestures and expressions are the same.

I was sick just last week, and even though my sleep schedule was crap, I didn’t drink much water and I didn’t see a doctor, I recovered in record time and also felt the least sick the whole time. This young actor is truly like a young twin of khj and his acting, oh god Perfectly synced for all versions bigger and smaller of episode 5.

Thank you for the recap!