My grades and reviews of every episode from seasons Anyway, I’ll comment on some of the interesting points that review raises in a future post When Bart is sent home from school with head lice and Lisa without shoes, Marge and Homer are accused of being negligent parents. I definitely agree that it shouldn’t be closed, but I thought it would be. Parents are not to communicate with children and must stay at least feet away at all times To watch full episodes, you must sign in Sign In. The ending is very important and very well-done, it brings the concepts of surrealism and symbolism back into the show. If anyone deserves to be wrapped up in seaweed and buried in mud, it’s you.

I don’t see how it’ll change now. Hoist your flag, Dooley. That is so like me. Mom and Dad take good care of us. Seems confused and dehydrated. That’s her, ain’t it? October 1, [1]. Joan Kenley as the telephone lady [3].

Meanwhile, Homer and Marge are forced to attend a special class for bad parents so they can get their children back. Itchy and Scratchy episodes The Simpsons episode guides.

Learning that none of the children have been baptizedFlanders sets up a baptism, but Homer and Marge are able to stop him just in time. It actually does have a number of rather funny jokes though – including Homer trying to think like Flanders and then him having his brief moment of grace after the baptism before then spouting off at Ned.

Dogs mating on dining room table?

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I’m a big four-eyed lame-o, and I wear the same stupid sweater every day and On the other hand, the Flanders are perfect in every sense of the word. When I first watched the episode with my mom and little brother both of them were crying when Bart and Lisa were taken away. The story was pitched by another writer on the show, George Meyer.


Season 4 22 Episodes by popularity. I definitely agree with you on a lot of points there. The Complete Seventh Season”. I definitely agree that it shouldn’t be closed, but I thought it would be. You sure are one ostentatious german boy, man.

Season 11 22 Episodes by popularity. Season 23 22 Episodes by popularity. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. What’s going on here? The hobos at the dump were very helpful. The Simpsons season 7 episodes American television episodes Baptism.

Season 12 21 Episodes by popularity. When Homer and Marge are declared decent parents, they quickly head for the Springfield River to stop Flanders. It’s a bit like having sex with a jellyfish: Get ready, gamblers, for the World Series of Dog Racing!

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Homer and Marge are forced to attend a parenting class so they can get their children back. I won’t let you! Chalk this one up as season seven’s first great episode. The episode is here pretty similar to 3F02 “Bart Sells His Soul” where – above all religious and philosophical impliciations – sibiling love was the final solution.

Uh, please don’t hug me. Swee always felt that Oakley and Weinstein often wanted to showcase the contrast between “ideal man” Ned Flanders and “average man” Homer Simpson and subtly indicated that out of these two, Homer Simpson, even though being the flawed one, was the more realistic and ssweet one while the apparently perfect Ned Flanders was quite unrealistic and repressed one.


When Flanders finds out that the children were not baptizedhe takes it upon himself to give the kids an emergency baptism. October 1, [1]. It’s a good episode but it doesn’t hold up well after you’ve watched it five times.

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This thread asks for people’s opinion on the episode and its review, which encourages discussion, thus justifying its existence in GD. Season 13 22 Episodes by popularity.

Season 28 21 Episodes by popularity.

It was the first episode on which writers Bill Oakley and Josh Weinstein served as show runners. A message about the difference between conformists and non-conformists is essential for good satire, true satire has to consider life and society from a non-conformistic point of view to be sucessful All this is shown in a much darker atmosphere with a couple of good but mostly silent jokes and with a lot of respect for the characters and their emotions.

What’s with all cock and baloney. Tighten those braids, missie. The episode features cultural references to the film Faster, Pussycat! At the end of 3F01, OFF are re-united in their own special way and thus the will continue their non-conformistic way of life which is clearly shown in he following episodes, like 3F02 and also 3F03 where Lisa causes “independent-thought-alarm” twice.

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