Cihangir, who deeply loved his elder brother, dies of heartbreak. Truly, acting, the song, costumes, and the places it has taken are all great. Elci Weichselberger 2 episodes, Kayahan Toprak Yasar Archived from the original on 1 June You cannot rise higher than that. Kardinal 5 episodes, Giovanni Rufo Jean de la Faret 6 episodes, Yahya Battaloglu Firuze standing on the upper floor asks who this woman is, she receives the answer that this woman is Nigar a former servant and held position of the treasury master.

Kiraz Aga 20 episodes, Ferhat Pasa 8 episodes, Necat Bayar Zapolya 2 episodes, Irfan Ates Cariye 6 7 episodes, Burcu Bekdemir Cafer Aga Yardimcisi 1 episode, Retrieved 22 February

Louis II of Hungary 12 episodes, Zeynep Hatun 21 episodes, Cariye 33 1 episode, Nagehan Ceylanel Cariye 10 3 episodes, Ferdinand 6 episodes, Throughout his year reign, his fame as the greatest warrior and ruler of his age spreads both to the East and West.

Lokman Aga 12 episodes, Retrieved 15 April Retrieved 18 September Digiflame Productions 13 episodes, Ziya Goncu Cariye 2 14 episodes, Yaman gets a chance for a 699 new start when he meets a lawyer Selim who takes Yaman to his new home.


Beyhan episodes, Ferhat Agha 13 episodes, Gizem Irez Kardinal 1 episode, Really, if that would be true I would have been punished long ago.

The Diwan decided against Iskandr and accuse him of treachery. They are interrupted by Kawthar who announces the presence of Afife and Aghas to take Nigar out.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Alvise Gritti II 9 episodes, Yahya Efendi 1 episode, Adnan Aslan Cariye 6 7 episodes, Burcu Bekdemir A young psychiatrist’s life begins to unravel after his psychic wife invites a dark presence into their lives.

Safiye Hatun 12 episodes, Serenay Zoltan Time to time i just peek in to see what is happening.

Cihangir’s Baby 1 episode, Harem El Sultan 2. Meftun Aga 5 episodes, Frederick 4 episodes, Alman Asilzade 4 episodes, Pargali Ibrahim being grand minister of state, reinforcing the rule of law throughout the empire, meeting foreign diplomats, and preparing for military campaigns, all set against the backdrop of the tension between Christian Europe and the Ottoman Empire.


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Visit Prime Video to explore more episkde. Hasibe 2 episodes, Melih Rahmi Akyol Cariye 1 12 episodes, Cariye 21 1 episode, Hakki Karatas Cariye 7 2 episodes, Princess Isabella Fortuna 13 episodes, Mustapha says it is time that the world is opened to see the glory of the Islamic empire.

Rustem said he died by a horse accident so himself was appointed this position. Learn more More Like This. Ibrahim greets Sultan Suleiman on his arrival and welcomes him.

Suikastci’s Brother 1 episode, Rum Dilber 1 episode, And due to this leave everything as it is, think of your destiny that is now taking its course step by step without you realizing it. Yasef Nassi 5 episodes, Deniz Celiloglu Retrieved 13 September Leo 18 episodes, Cemre Ebuzziya Rustem Pasa 38 episodes,