Thanking Tristan for saving him from his evil self, Sandrino professes his love for his brother and disintegrates into ashes as well. But without intel from Soraya, Supremo is unaware that Malia and Tristan are allies once again. Retrieved October 3, Meanwhile, the new order under the Waya Corp has the werewolves back on top. Once again, we are reminded about Jacintha’s refusal to kill the child Sandrino in the forest. T2 , The Road , and Spirit Warriors In a fit of rage, he kills Maria when she attempts to push him off the balcony. She does not give up on Tristan and wins him back to their side, successfully averting a war that would end their kind.

Tristan’s mortal mother, Rica, is a vampire hunter who falls in love and becomes pregnant by the vampire Magnus. In the epilogue, Malia notes that hardships will always be part of life even though the threat of the curse ink is now gone as long as there are mortals, werewolves, and vampires that have ill intentions. Sandrino, Supremo and Gilbert Imperial. Retrieved 18 October She is killed by Supremo, along with her husband Mateo. After Jacintha kills Tristan, Sandrino raises him from his death and awakens the cursed ink granting Tristan unparalleled strength.

Malia remains determined to change his fate, and her decision to protect Tristan at all cost creates doubt within the LLU. Tristan’s path is foreshadowed early in the series when his stepfather Tonio advises the six-year-old that his real battle would be waged in his heart. She is killed by Supremo, along with her husband Mateo. TiyanaksWhite Houseand Bahay ni Lola This page was last edited on 3 Februaryat Gilbert Imperial hires her as his Political Strategist when he runs for President of the Philippines.

At the enchanted forest scene, Jacintha chooses not to kill Sandrino, pointing to the cursed ink as the real evil, foreshadowing her true mission. Vqmpira grows into an adult consumed with anger, but he weakens when he comes face-to-face with his brother.

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Although Malia prefers the supernaturals to not participate, she is overruled by her council members who do not take her concerns about the threat of a new war seriously, dismissing her fears as irrelevant. Malia’s remarkable ability to analyze and accurately assess situations saves the captured werewolves from Osmundo’s men. Find out more here. Soraya and her black werewolves escape to join Supremo, adding werewolves to replace the vampire horde he lost.


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Supremo’s doubts about Tristan increase when his vampire forces are constantly undermined by LLU presence. Colluding with Supremo, President Osmundo’s military forces systematically round up the werewolves and are tortured and killed in undisclosed facilities. The source of Oinoy power is the cursed ink in his arm. La Luna Sangre Lit: Turns out, together they can successfully defeat Supremo, already weakening by the opposing humanity remaining in Sandrino.

She vanishes into thin air leaving Malia holding Tristan’s lifeless body. Jerry Lopez Sineneng Richard I. Ang Bagong Yugto Angelito: But then, hapik course, no group ever stays together in horror movies. Lobo Imortal La Luna Sangre Amidst the grief and loss suffered, Malia’s full transformation occurs, becoming a red-caped hybrid werewolf with vampiric characteristics and powers similar to Jacintha.

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Supremo discovers new information about the cursed ink: In the night of La Luna Sangre, after her mission is done, it was implied that halikk is the future Malia Rodriguez before disappearing into thin air.

Humans are systematically harvested for the blood farms or transformed into vampires. Soraya decides to secretly ally with Supremo to betray the Wayas and Malia.

She stabs Supremo with the First Werewolf’s movif and watches him and the cursed ink disintegrate into ashes.

Amid Tristan’s face-off with Supremo, Sandrino hears Tristan’s heart beating.

Malia transformed appearance wearing a red cape and hood; gaining a similar eye color following the realization of her werewolf and vampire abilities, and the events shortly prior to the disappearance of Jacintha has hg used to assert the unconfirmed theory. In a fit of rage, he kills Maria halok she attempts to push him off ahlik balcony. But just as Supremo prepares to deliver the final blow, the couple link hands and a surge of energy flows between them just as seen in Jethro’s oinoy.


Her family’s peaceful life in San Isidro is disrupted when Supremo discovers their whereabouts. But just imagine if they did. He reminds Sandrino of his humanity, of his life before the cursed ink, and this gives the Supremo pause as he battles to overpower the good in him. Earlier, Lucho explains that the cursed ink can be defeated by a single act of goodness on Supremo’s part, be it compassion or sacrifice. Does this signal a lost cause considering Supremo’s unfettered powers and his all-consuming hatred or is this a foreshadowing of the outcome of the war?

Unfortunately, the cursed ink seemingly prevails absorbing Sandrino once again. Tristan joins a secret youth vigilante group called Moonchasers, who track and kill vampires and protect Supremo’s targeted victims.

Supremo declares war on his brother, but he gauges the moment he can distract Tristan to possess the two cursed inks. Angry over the tragic circumstances that turn him into a vampire, memories flood Tristan’s mind: The Blood Moon is a Philippine horror – fantasy drama television series.

He discovers his origins which changes his perspective of the world.

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Tristan becomes the Imperator of Supremo’s vampires. Soraya confirms Tristan’s duplicity to Supremo. Portrayed by Angel Locsinshe plays two characters in this series.

The two appeared in three films Crazy Beautiful YouBarcelona: In many places all over the metropolis, Supremo’s mass hypnotism of the population begins, as mortals gather at various locations to commit mass suicide. She reluctantly kills Tristan before he turns into a vampire. On the night of the blood moon, she uses the First Werewolf’s fang to end the cursed ink inside Sandrino, vmpira him of his invincibility and weakening him.