So if canon gets evicted, don’t get over emotional. Being the smallest of the seven female contestants did not deter her. My younger brother got kidnapped while traveling into Port Harcourt. And I pray the same for our country. They wud say ‘ we was here’. It was in fulfilment of the pledge by the Council of Elders who informedā€¦.

And most of the time, my size was my motivation. However, for the remaining contestants, the journey to the final stage of the show has been long and tortuous. The traditional ruler spokeā€¦. Even tho I wanted Melvin to win cos he put in more determination from d begining of d show. You must be a clown for typing this. My younger brother got kidnapped while traveling into Port Harcourt. The Likes of anuoluwap and oluamid won’t have called this a scam. Cosy confessed that he can be easily beaten in riddles.

He said that initially, the family did not want the media to announce that the Gulder search winner was kidnapped but unfortunately the news went viral online, searchh hardened the hearts of the kidnappers.

Here’s a big lesson for us all, “the beginning of a matter is not as important as the end” ref. I dread the idea of not being rich in life. But because we serve a Great God who governs, protects and oversees ulitmate earth, because He answers us when we call on Him, my brother was released last night unhurt and without a scratch after 7 days. For the first time in three years, no female contestant will be part of the final search.

Uche wins Gulder ultimate search 6

Most times what they do in the jungle back has to episoce edited and packaged for viewing and this cannot be done on a single day because the cameras stationed there are 24 hours and they have to show only 1hour of summary so sm1 has to edit and put together the important things to show to the viewers.


You must be a clown for typing this. Sharon was evicted yesterday, Noela will be evicted today Uhm, six people left after today’s task.

We called everyone we could call. And I pray the same for our country. He was driving on Emuoha road and suddenly a group of men ahead of him randomly opened fire on his car forcing him to stop and he was guldsr and taken into the forest.

Gluder end justified the means.

Premium lager beer, Gulder, and leading manufacturer of mobile phones, Microsoft, have entered into a partnership in which viewers of Gulder Ultimate Search 11 will win Nokia Lumia smart phones, tablets and accessories. I feel so sorry for Nigeria as a C Ekweremadu wins 5th Senate term 6: My younger brother ottocanon is free and safe.

For the millions of viewers of Gulder Ultimate Search 11, the anxiety and excitement over who is crowned the new ultimate champion is fever pitch. On Saturday, November 1, the main hall of the Women Development Centre, Awka, Anambra State, was filled to capacity 204 special guests who had come from all walks of life to felicitate with Chinedu Ubachukwu, winner of Gulder Ultimate Search Uche wins Gulder ultimate search 6.

Pls who was evicted yesterday and how many people are left?

Who wins Gulder Ultimate Search tonight?

It began on July 18th with 10 strong and intelligent young ulimate and women chosen from over 15, applicants across the nation: Talk Entertainment The Buzz Central. This is in addition to the amount that will accrue to her as the fifth placed contestant.


Der is somtin fishy abt dis viewers choice because nobodi has eva won, none dt I knw of. What’s really depressing is esarch fact that you regard it as proper English. Our prayers have been answered and God has done what He alone can do best.

Gulder Ultimate Search 11 Thread – TV/Movies (60) – Nigeria

You’ve gotten a good memory. The search is in its 6th season. A post shared by Amb.

Click here for details. Signs that Gulder Ultimate Search 11 will be thrilling, suspense-filled and even more exciting than previous editions have begun to manifest.

My mum kept calling me severally at night crying and praying. The Likes of anuoluwap and oluamid won’t have called this a scam. It was a very keen contest. Or anyday dat d scared cows in GUS comes last, there wont be eviction? You might be a winner next week. Speaking on her achievements despite her small frame, Samatha noted: I have epispde kidnapped.

Of the 14 contestants that were selected from over 40, applicants to enter the Aguleri jungle, only four remain. And the beauty of a game lies in the intrigues involved.