Trubel approaches Shaw and asks him about Nick as Bud tries to interfere. Cut to the castle in Vienna. I really enjoyed this episode, in many ways. The Adalind storyline was just kind of silly. Maybe they have a superiority complex towards weaker wesen. I thing it’s called adapt to the situation. Heck, why not have Adalind make Juliette herself the unwilling poisoner? Perhaps, she should move in with Monroe and Rosalee.

After getting her drawing, they show it to Monroe and Rosalee Bree Turner , who explain that it is a Luison , a cousin of the Blutbaden. For both Juliette and Nick. The echoes of the KKK’s history of cross-burning as racist intimidation against couples in interracial marriages is unmistakable. That is the idea I had. Especially since Portland seems to be Wesen central. I am saying mostly that considering the two characters, there are vastly more potential plots with Adalind then there is with Juliette.

I think it was a bit too heavy-handed to warrant the mention. The focus shifts to what’s up with Ava and her supposed hallucinations, which by this point Nick and Hank and us all know have to luiskn something to do with Wesen. Please read the following before uploading Do not upload anything which you do not own or are fully licensed to upload.

Nick and Hank are discussing what to tell Wu as they walk toward the scene of the crime, i. Meanwhile, Adalind is separated from Hofmann and begins experiencing severe hallucinations with Diana just before she arrives back at her cell.

There’s been a couple of others like that this season.

Grimm Season 4 Episode 5 Cry Luison

For all intent and purposes it qas Juliette. It makes him seem like a bit of an asshole, but then again sometimes cops have to act like assholes. Holy crap that would be an ENTIRLY different kind of show and would probably end with said rapist getting shot in the face before the credits roll.

Never did any role-playing? Louise Lombard, in early 40’s, continues her role as TV’s best-looking grandmother, trying to help the Family Grimm decide if it is worth paying the rather steamy “price” to undo the spell.

‘Grimm’ Season 4: ‘Cry Luison’ and 8 reasons why it’s the season’s best episode so far

Juliette hesitates, and asks that even if she looks like Adalind, she’ll still know she’s herself, right? Luiosn than having to fast-forward through the Trubel bits of this episode, because they were boring, it was not a ggrimm episode. I really love Renard’s mother and hope we get to see more of her. The whole time Episodw was thinking to myself that Juliette should just wear a mask while they get it on.


I don’t think its convenient. Gabriel infroms them that Ava was diagnosed with severe mental illness six months ago and had a psychotic episode last night. It’s always fun to see Bud, the excitable Eisbiber played by Portland actor Danny Brunoand this week he shows up at Nick’s house to supposedly offer condolences about “your whole Grimm thing being kaput.

Even the doctor luisln Ava was telling the truth, albeit she was delusional. The seem to luiwon them as weak and useless or even prey. All this has been a blast, but it was also time for it to be over, so Viktor’s visit to Adalind was well-timed, and opens the door for them working together to commit more evil. If you remember “Last Fight” episode she was somewhat friendly with the suspect and even defended him when his mother beat him. I would like her to go back to actually doing things.

Get your Grimm back, asap. I agree that Nick having his powers back is essential. Nick and Hank show Monroe and Rosalee the drawings that Ava made. The detectives take him down before they discover that Julio is not the only Luison.

This is just like the time you were going to tell Juliette about being a Grimm, and instead of starting with a common point, you tried to push her into the deep end, leaving even me thinking that I’d spent an entire season watching the story of a man’s descent into madness!

It is a Wolfsangel symbol burning, a symbol of prejudice and hate, similar to the WWII adaptation of the swastika. Add the first question. Search for ” Cry Luison ” on Amazon.

And I know that once most guys are living with a women, we think of her in the same terms that we would a wife. To be frank my frustration from Nick’s relationship with Juliette that only drags him down made me think of alternatives and when Theresa showed up i instantly liked her.


MaryAnn Sleasman from TV. Something needs to tie those two things together quickly. I like that they take their time so that both Nick and Juliette would see that Nick needs to be a grimm.

I did like the Luison, and Monroe and the litter smelling each other was funny. But the picture of Adalind nursing Babe the piglet was funny.

In some cases, entire generations can pass without any relative showing signs of their abilities, only for several Grimms to emerge in the same generation. Juliette is not Nick’s wife. Who are the Royals and what are their powers? He should start with the book, regardless. He probably thought it wouldn’t happen to them.

Why has nobody taken him aside and said ” Hey Nick, this is how it works and this is what is going on right now”. The Grimm gene was probably dormant in Nick and possibly activated by stresses he was experiencing that time. Cheater cheater big fat cheater. I’ve been told that I watch episodes of American Horror Story with the most disturbed look on my face, and I enjoy every second of it. I think he was missing the point.

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Grimm “Cry Luison” Review: Not after what she has done to first Juliette and then Nick. I kinda thought this episode was a bag of crap. I really can’t remember why Renard needed a Grimm to begin with. That I used to be a Grimm but I’m not anymore because I slept with a Hexenbiest who changed into Juliette because we took her baby away epixode gave it to my mom? But then we learnt Kelly was alive and an acting Grimm. We all know that simply losing his powers doesn’t get Nick or his family luisin of danger; this week, it made them even bigger targets thanks for dragging Josh back out just to hit that nail right into our skulls.