Episode 10 The Loobenfeld Decay In fact, there was an episode in Desperate Housewives where the town they used was the same exact set from Ghost Whisperer. I think its around Sleepy Hollow. Kind of like Custom Plates. Another example is the movie Titanic. Jun 26 , 7: The name Grandview is just made up. Episode 19 The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition

Jim and Melinda try help a runaway who is being haunted by a ghost who won’t leave, but first she has to come to terms with her gift. So you could not walk in on them. I am actually an actor and have been an extra on Ghost Whisperer twice. Think about it that way. Jun 18 , While investigating a ghost who’s stalking an up and coming lawyer, Melinda gets a stalker of her own.

Melinda and Jim had referenced New York City in a few episodes as well.

Their are lots of Grandviews so it could be Michigan or Maine or anywhere. Episode 14 The Einstein Approximation It’s like Episdoe, they didn’t close down the Lincoln Tunnel for the filmiing, they recreated a portion of it. Do you find this valuable? Where can you watch full episodes of NCIS season 5 ending? Audible Download Audio Books.

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Jun 18 Such as Titanic, the setting was on the Atlantic Ocean, but cuicrca was actually filmed on a Mock Liner, and as the ship was sinking it was filmed in a tank with actual ice chunks. Where can you watch True Blood season 4 episode 5? Episode 11 The Maternal Congruence Payne asks her to help a student whose father mentored him.


Ghost Whisperer Discussion Forum Discussion: Episode whispsrer The Fuzzy Boots Corollary 4. Were does Ghost Whisperer take place!

Melinda has to gain the trust of Ned’s classmate to solve the mystery of her brother’s death and why he’s committing mayhem at the high school, and Justin returns with threats to expose Melinda if she doesn’t answer his questions.

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They most likely did the Masts and stuff via green screen. While the name was taken from this real weason location, the actual set of Ghost Whisperer is in California. Episode 12 The Jerusalem Duality Also this Grandview is in Hamilton County which would make ghosh however, the show is filmed at universal studios on an artificial set used for multiple filmings such as back to the future Bruce Almighty and Batman and Robin, it has just been adapted for this show.

Episode 3 The Gothowitz Deviation 4. All the buildings are just facades. Merge this question into.

I know exactly were it exist Jun 267: Dec 161: Episode 6 The Cornhusker Vortex 7. Anything other than that is pure speculation, even though it says NY on Wikipedia, even that can’t be taken as absolute truth as it is not written by the people who created the show, and can be edited by anyone who has an account.

Share your feedback on WikiFoundry Central. Seson brother died in That’s part of the reason why I recognize the names of the towns they talk about. Aug 52: Episode 2 The Codpiece Topology 3. Episode 12 The Killer Robot Instability The main set Grandview is in California, not too far from LA.


They didn’t actually go to the port, but talked about it. They reference the city as if it’s just a half hour away. Episode 5 The Hamburger Postulate 6. JavaScript must be enabled cucieca order for you to contribute to this site. Nov 73: It’s East of Los Angeles.

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Episode 16 The Cushion Saturation Episode 9 The White Asparagus Triangulation So they try to edit that out as much as possible. So I am sure it is not in New York. Desperate Housewives has used Ghost Whisperer’s “Grandview” Town Set for some episodes where wuisperer characters went to the show’s city of “Fairview. To simulate the sinking ship, and being in freezing water. A veteran comes home haunted by his unit, and Melinda has trouble connecting with them.

Melinda’s father comes back into her life, and she must solve the mystery of where he’s been and how it relates to a young ghost who won’t cross over.

Episode 22 The Classified Materials Turbulence