Suryakant gifts Yuvraj a new sports car. Yuvraj mentions how he had then staged the entire drama of getting Kshitij trapped! Lakshmi is shocked to see Kshitij at the function. Saraswati collides into Lakshmi and drops the candle and knife. Chanchal feels hurt and promises Savitri that she would never cross her limits again. Suryakant arrives then and accuses Lakshmi of being a smear to their family’s name. Menka enters the terrace and goes to fetch the sari as well as the chillies kept to dry, and sees Saraswati and Kshitijs reflection in the mirror! Yuvraj comes just then and demands to know from Kshitij what he was doing in the house.

Meanwhile, Kshitij, a boy who helps Suryakant at work and at home, is dejected hearing about Saraswati’s engagement because he has loved her from so many years. She asks Menka to punish her but not leave the house. Gauri and Durga give their special performance at the dance function. Baa too seconds it. Will Lakshmi be forced to heed her father? Menka tells Rasik that she will show the evidence at an opportune moment. A worried Saraswati asks Savitri whether she would be able to look after Bhavishyas household, so Savitri assures her that she could. She informs the girls that a boy would be coming the next day to see Saraswati.

Suryakant arrives then and accuses Lakshmi of being a smear to their family’s name.

Episode #1.343

Later, Lakshmi is overwhelmed with joy when her sisters surprise her with a birthday cake at midnight. An betiyznn Suryakant goes to shoot Kshitij but is stopped by Yuvraj who asks him to think about the familys honour and Saraswatis wedding. Just when Kshitij is about to leave, he receives a letter from Saraswati.

Lakshmi is delighted when Suryakant eats the cake from her hand as well. Suryakant summons Savitri, so she asks him to forgive Lakshmi once.

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Suryakant then announces that the engagement will take place but without Lakshmi’s presence. In the terrace, Lakshmi places Saraswatis hand in Kshitijs.

Baa and Suryakant apologise to Yuvraj and his parents. Halki and Phulki tell Baa that if their brother betiynn heard about what had happened today, then the consequence would be unimaginable. After losing, he answers and pretends that the network is out of range. Savitri asks Saraswati whether she loves Kshitij, so Saraswati starts crying.


Yuvraj again tells Kshitij that he was doing it only for Saraswati.

However, Lakshmi’s moustache comes off, and she is caught red-handed! Just when Bhavishya is about to put the ring on Saraswatis hand, Lakshmi walks in with the girl. Durga assures Lakshmi that he would forgive her because it was her birthday the next day, so Lakshmi retorts that her birthday made no difference to anyone except her mother and sisters. Baa declares that the engagement will take soon, and it would be a double joyous occasion because her grandson was also returning.

Suryakant then announces that he has decided to go ahead with the marriage. Lakshmi and Kshitij are informed about the theft. Suryakant showers all his affection only on his son, while his daughters continue to yearn for their fathers affection. Menka later tells Rasik that she is not a fool to leave the house and asserts that Lakshmi wouldn’t dare go against her again!

Yuvraj asks Suryakant to forgive Lakshmi at least for his sake. Meanwhile, Savitri eagerly waits for Suryakant to come and see his newborn daughter but is disappointed. Suryakant warns Lakshmi never to speak rudely to her stepmother again.

Later, she explains to the girls that they can have fun staying together in the same room! She asks Menka to punish her but not leave the house. Baa too seconds it.

Later, Saraswati tells Lakshmi that she has accepted Epizode as her husband. Dhara and Rajshri come with the henna cones to be given for the bride. Lakshmi then narrates everything that had transpired near the temple. Click here to login. Suryakant gifts Yuvraj a new sports car. Menka instigates Suryakant to respect Baa’s decision.

Menka gestures to Rasik to shoot their picture. An enraged Suryakant warns Chanchal to take the jewellery but she refuses. A dejected Savitri informs her daughters that she could not do anything. Lakshmi then asks Kshitij if he loves Saraswati, so he replies that he loves Saraswati very much.


Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiyann

Lakshmi then asks Kshitij if he loves Saraswati, so he replies that he loves Saraswati very much. Savitri replies that she had prepared Saraswati’s favourite dishes. Baa gets angry and asks Chanchal to take back her gift.

The girls try to get in touch with Yuvraj but he is busy gambling and drinking, se he doesn’t attend to betiyznn call. Everyone at home wonder who had stolen laxmii jewellery if Kshitij had not. Yuvraj tries to calm an angry Suryakant by asking him to attend to Dhara and her family, while he would hand over Betiynan to the cops. He gives a suggestion, and Suryakant walks away in a huff listening to it. Yuvraj excuses himself saying he has to go for an outing with his friends.

Just then, Lakshmi apologises to Suryakant and says that all she wants is Saraswati to remain happy as long as she was at home. An enraged Suryakant goes to slap Lakshmi but Menka stops him.

Lakshmi tells Durga and Gauri that she is going to search for the girl she had met at the temple the previous day because she had to save Saraswati from marrying Bhavishya. Episode Synopsis Description Episodes More. When blessed with a baby boy, he neglects his first wife and daughters.

Meanwhile, seeing the car approaching, the Goradia household is excited about meeting Yuvraj but their joy is short-lived when Rasik informs them that Yuvraj had left for a friend’s place from the airport. On the other hand, Menka announces to the domestic helpers that her son, Yuvraj, would be returning from Oxford and celebrating his birthday at home after years.