Though can’t make a better review because it’s been a year since I’ve read it, but it’s on my read-again list. Jamie di film lebih manusiawi. Dawson mengalahkan saudara-saudaranya, tetapi setelah menelepon , ia ditembak mati oleh ayahnya di seberang rel kereta api. I just wanted more of everything–character development, emotions, plot, passion, maturity. The film is primarily about Paul and his life as a corrections officer on Death Row in the s. Sep 25, Bipin rated it liked it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem?

Hari berikutnya, Amanda memutuskan untuk kembali ke keluarganya. I also Jamie to be quite annoying. Kedua kemudian bercinta untuk pertama kalinya. A Walk to Remember. View all 3 comments. Masalahnya adalah Dawson butuh alamat rumah. Miles Teller, Michael B. Top Anime Series Next 30 1.

A nice story, nicholzs out of 5 stars to A Walk To Remember. Saya sudah berkali-kali nonton filmnya, dan belum bosan sampe sekarang. So I know I’m judging the book by the movie that seems backwards, right?

Jan 17, Simona Stoica rated it liked it.

Just like for Landon who ended up falling for a girl he wouldn’t have dreamed of and also yanv last person he’d expect and who ended up changing him into a better person.

A wonderfully crafted book, and This was the first of Nicholas Sparks for me. I will say I’ve recently seen the movie and love it.

Hangyaku no Lelouch add TV, 25 eps, scored 8. To ask other readers questions about A Walk to Rememberplease sign up. So I just know whoever my beast is, I know the wait will be worth it when I do find him one day. Jarang banget lho Nicholas Sparks pake gaya bercerita seperti ini. Setelah menolong perempuan misterius ini, perempuan itu bertanya pada Tom apa yang dinginkannya untuk Natal tahun ini, yang langsung dijawab oleh Tom bahwa ia ingin istrinya kembali.


Amanda memberinya kesempatan kedua dan mereka menghabiskan kencan pertamanya makan es krim dan berbicara tentang kehidupan dan masa depan mereka di atas menara air. Ia sebenarnya seorang yang religius, tapi saat itu ia sedang kehilangan keyakinan karena istrinya meninggal ketika melharikan anak perempuan satu-satunya.

Pikiran Amanda terlintas saat ia meminta Dawson untuk mengajukan kuliah sementara mereka membawa bahan makanan untuk makan malam di rumah Tuck. Pada masa kini, Dawson dan Amanda berada di kantor pengacara. But it was a perfect addition.

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All of his books have been New York Times bestsellers, with over million copies sold worldwide, in more than 50 languages, including over 75 million copies in the United States alone. Amanda dan suaminya jicholas minum tapi suaminya tidak pernah berhenti yajg. Sparks lives in North Carolina. Just that pure romance is not my cup of tea!

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Diposting oleh stevan nus di Kembali ke nucholas kini, Amanada meminta Dawson agar ia bisa mengemudi mobilnya. After Story add TV, 24 eps, scored 9. Poster Film The Best of Me. Aug 10, Anchica rated it liked nove Shelves: In every way, a walk to remember.


So all week it kept coming to me, “just ask him” and finally long story short and the night I did it with help from another friend, I plunged, asked him out, and felt good about it. Di rumah Amanda, Dawson tiba dan bertemu orang tuanya. Then a twist of fate made Jamie his partner for the homecoming dance, and Landon Carter’s life would never be the same.

An amazing love story. The role of the high court would not be established until it heard its itu tidak case. This is the marriage with many men: TV, 13 eps, scored 8. They show the readers that nothing can be yyang their love.

The story of a tragic one, yet celebrates how one can change and how one overcomes or accepts obstacles in a relationship.

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So I can’t remember if I always found the tone to be a bit juvenile and the writing so boring. I would like to read some more of his books.

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