We will also measure the UB shortly, although we expect the measurement numbers to all be within a few percent — a reasonable margin of error. Page 1 Page 2. It boasts many improvements over its predecessor, and one of the biggest improvements is the contrast ratio from , I don’t expect it at this price, however. Epson sent my free bulb. Posted Mar 10, 9:

Posted Feb 14, 3: I also wasn’t impressed by the feel of focus and zoom, which lack the smoothness of some lens mechanisms. Whereas the UB had a rated dynamic contrast ratio of , I will assume you meant Sanyo Z4, since that came out about nine years ago. You give up powered lens adjustments, a slightly quieter fan, anamorphic stretch capability, and a third HDMI port. I wish Bill Livolsi could give me his input. When the UB came out, I debated between going with a high-end inch Panasonic plasma and this projector with a inch diagonal screen.

We bought an Epson and it is too bright.

I have now found several forum accounts of the fan noise being increased when ceiling mounted. This will be possible only if I use the full zoom out and vertical lense shift Please advise.

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My hyperactive 5-year-old was rapt with attention. It boasts an excellent picture quality, so 2D imagery is life-like and smooth with an overall dynamic range which makes the image jump off the screen.

My old Panasonic Tau large screen tube TV was starting to fade, and it was time to make a decision. That’s the model I received for review: This detail I believe would help many people understand the light output at their distance.

Placing the projector closer to the screen increases light output, but light output is not the be-all and end-all of image quality.


It is enough to where the projector is easily audible on quiet movie scenes with the projector 3ft behind me and 4ft above me. I have a ” screen Carada with a black felt bezel. Posted Jun 9, 9: Effect of zoom on lumen output Dynamic mode Effect of zoom on lumen output Dynamic mode Zoom out Mid-zoom Zoom in The remote is massive and fully backlit, with a dedicated key for pretty much every function.

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Whilst no amount of image processing is able to turn standard-definition into high-definition, this projector is able to clean up any SD material enough to make it a lot easier on your eyes, now that you are used to HD. This projector is built primarily for use in a home-theater environment that is light-controlled, and it is tailored to ensure maximum impact in that situation.

Posted Feb 25, 3: Posted Feb 3, 7: This resulted in lumens less than without adjustment. My recommendations for you are as follows: While the UB is in many ways an incremental improvement over its predecessor, it is an impressive machine in its own right.

Epson Home Cinema UB Expensive — But Awesome. Posted Dec 15, 9: Starting from the 0 position of lens shift hor and ver center the image. More under Special features. Compared to its predecessor from last year, the main improvement is an almost doubling in contrast with the new Ultra Black image system. The technical advice from Epson’s professional was: The UB’s image in both 2D and 3D is the best we’ve ever seen from Epson, and the picture on screen makes it clear where every single dollar of the projector’s purchase price went.


Posted Mar 27, For advanced setups, the projector offers an extensive number of controls, including a selection of Gamma settings and a Color Management System. The one you’ve been waiting for. Congratulations on such detailed and comprenhensive writting. The contrast ratio specification has increased fromOne thing has gotten better, however, and that’s black level, which happens to be the most important aspect of picture quality.

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I want to mount this camera from the ceiling, and basically need to decide the size of the screen and how far back to mount the camera. For a given screen size, is closer better? Unfortunately it is also the dimmest 50330ub the three 3D modes. When I finally got the system set up in the basement, I asked my wife for a review after watching some of the Sochi Olympics.

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In other words, Epson is saying the black levels are much better now. Level it roll and pitch using a torpedo level.

I don’t expect it at this price, however. Whereas the UB had a rated dynamic contrast ratio ofOf course it was always better at prouector. Vertical and horizontal lens shift as well as a 2.