He says this all is for your smile and to know your answer. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. He says let me plan something. Why kalpi playing so hard to get come on raghav had done so much to get her an still. He says no I am not going. Kalpi will feel very jealous when she distance herself from Rag……….

P-rem says this is all becasue of that Raghav, I will take revenge from him. Sahil and mummy ji laugh. Kalpi need to tel raghav how she feels before it too late. Raghav says I will talk to he in my own. Anamika 18th Mar – 8: Kalpi is doing good job teaching the middle class family problem to Raghav.

Scene 5 Kalpi is on her way. A man says oh they are girl frieng boyfriend.

Ek Mutthi Aasmaan Hindi Serial Episode Zee Tv Serial Best Scene – Бесплатно скачать Mp3

Log In Welcome, Login to your account. Precap-Raghav says she is weird she is going away from em. She has to answer. Nellie 18th Mar – 9: Patience should be there in love. She should love Raghav first and then try to change him. Kalpi is doing good job teaching the middle class family problem to Raghav. Kalpi says go away this is not your matter. He says let me plan something.


Fay 18th Mar – 8: This is the festival of life. Vaishnavi 18th Mar – Pointless talk here … the writers are not seeing this!!! Sap 18th Mar – 8: Can someone be so indecisive or scared to face their true feelings? He says the only way you know is of anger. Someone knocks at the door. I hope they keep the momentum going — please no tired story lines! Sammy says you are going on holi something will happen.

Scene 3 Prem and Sahil are discussing to sell some property. That why she want change Raghav way think about life. Manda tells Nettu that Pakhi called raghav to ask him to come the chowl.

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Saraswatichandra 18th March Written Episode Update. He says you lied to me for this woman. If Kalpi manages to put colour on Raghav on Holi, and he starts enjoying it. Welcome, Login to your account.

Yes hes gona go after phaki now after being rejected by kalpi. Kalpi says this is the only truth you said, thanks for not coming. Please change the girl,And Ragav has no expressions on his face.


I just hope she does not do more stupidity and end up loosing Raghav for good.

He says why are you so hesitant to says what we both can feel. She asked Aassmaan to teach her how to cook. Kuna 19th Mar – 8: Sign in Recover your password.

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R 18th Mar – 7: The story is now going like the other serials. Hr says why your people of chowl invited me?

A password will be e-mailed to you. She is putting up a false fight with him when her heart truely wants Raghav. Why are you annoying the girl?