Later, after having done the deal Niranjan tells samrat that now no witness, no evidence, ishaan may fly all that he wants, belittling him, saying that all of his maneouvers would fall flat, in front of them. She tells annu that all want her to get married, as all want her to be happy. As all wait with bated breaths, the judge starts giving out his verdict, that after much evidences and testimonies, and having taken an observant look at all the proceedings, its been decided that the custody of the child, shaurya shall go to …. Shashi is still baffled, while all others smile at all this. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. He places her priorities, while she tries hard to smile, concealing her pain. He asks her to get lost. Adie Eldin 25th Dec –

She says that now urmi would have to sit at her home, unmarried forever. She asks radha to tell everything. Mutki asks her not to tell samrat that he came here to meet her. He says that from this moment, he is off the case. She hugs him, crying, saying that if they think he is okay, then they can final the descision. Anu is disbelieving thinking that ishaan said yes to marrying her. She says that she would have to meet urmi.

Like 0 Dislike 0. Granny reprimdns her for this kind of mature act. Welcome, Login to your account. She touches her feet, while feeling happy for samrat. Mukti armaaho all that he knows. Finally, after a long session of persuasion his mother tells them that she had been there and had asked them to fulfill her demands.


Mukti identifies her as radha, and then tells her everything, as to how she came here, and that she isnt married. He says that when she gives the cheque in the bank, she would be able to encash it in a couple of days, and they have to get the registration done before that. Am so impressed with Ishaan.

He says that from this moment, he is off the case. Aradhya 27th Dec – 4: Festivities begin, while people from both sides dance culminating into a dance number by samrat and urmi, with much romance and intimacy.

Episod kisses shaurya and takes him in her lap. Guesthouse While being interrogted and grilled, by Shashi and kanchan insistently, She starts crying profusely. She hugs him, crying, saying that if they think he is okay, then they can final the descision. They go over to greet them.

Welcome, Login to your account. She asks urmi to get ready for the evening function. Just then, a delivery boy gives a parcel, which contains a court hearing dated She manages to speak that her demand was very unjustified and that she shouldnt have placed this demand, and asks for forgiveness.

Urmi says that she is an enemy, and would never go for them, come what may. She then asks about the new girl. Sonali 25th Dec – 2: Real Estate dealer Shashi comes to the agent, and says that she wants to get things done very fast.


Ishaan says that they cant give time to shaurya in the custody case. Welcome, Login to your account.

Doli Armaanon Ki 23rd December Written Episode Update – Telly Updates

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Doli Armaanon Ki: 20th December Written Episode; Urmi Says No To Samrat!

Then ishaan asks if they all want to go outside nd play. He asks if she is thinking of ruining him. He asks why he needs his lawyer then, if he has to bribe the judge.

He wonders how to get out of this situation, as she has driven him nuts. He says that he is a complete stranger to her, and that he can approach her. She asks radha how can she be so shameless.