She’s schmoozing with her new BFF,” says Jill. It should air in episode 7 or shortly after that. Cathy comes back swinging – literally, with her purse – and nails Abby before walking away. Do you know where to find Season 2 Episode 9??? At the top, can you just add a circle next to “ask archive admins” of “where to watch” so there aren’t all these posts every week. Because that’s what Abby does. Cathy gives her The Look.

That solo may not be hers for very long. Anyway, back at the studio, the girls are rehearsing the group routine, “Avalanche. Cathy is obnoxious, there’s just no other way to describe it. The submission box is currently: For the record, Jackie? We love all the girls, and no hate will be accepted! Group doesn’t go as well – Abby Lee is awarded 3 rd place, and the highest scoring group is Cathy’s Apple Cores.

Cathy is obnoxious, there’s just no other way to describe it. Maddie and Nia are in the middle of the pyramid. She’s super smug when she leaves, flanked by her dance dads. Our girls, in their snow bunny costumes, are super cute, and the serious dance looks good to my untrained eye. Starting with the top – literally. Cathy comes back swinging – literally, with her purse – and nails Abby before walking away.

I know I have a lot of question, but I really like the girls and I would appreciate if you answer this. She’s got them a crazy stretch limo with a sezson inside for the ride to Detroit.


And the thing is? The Hylands are not allowed at the studio because Abby is charging Kelly. I mean, if you watch closely, you can actually see her eyes darting for an escape.

The girls made “several big mistakes” that she’s hoping the judges didn’t notice. So she calls her mom and relays all the day’s events to her, which is kind of weird considering all the Moms are just there packing up.

Dance Moms Confessions

Everyone is excited and happy, but Abby crushes that joy bug immediately. She’s too busy interrogating Nia.

The door opens and in walk – are you ready for this? Wait – two blinks, is that a yes?

Good to see Abby’s moved on from the hat incident. Themes of Caroline Theme Graphics: If you guessed Sophia, you are correct!

Our contestants – uh, I mean, moms – start filing in to the studio, and it doesn’t take long for the absence of Christi and Chloe to be felt. The disorder – this is serious, guys – put Nia into a wheelchair when she was younger, so Holly is grateful that her daughter can dance at all. Crazy Candy Apple Cathy is shopping with Vivi, and, as she always does, is peppering Vivi with questions the poor kid doesn’t want to answer.

She punishes the girls for the sins of their moms. Cause she’s got Sophia there to step right up. We don’t get this from Nia.

Rotten to the Core

I don’t know how she pulled it off, but Cathy’s Apple Cores give a really great group performance. As all of this winds down, Abby is stunned. Rate this article Currently 5. And in this case, Holly was absolutely right.


We learn that they will be “oogling” over this girl they wished they could have as a girlfriend. As you can imagine, this exchange puts Abby in an absolutely delightful mood. Because HER behavior was esason. All of the confession images and graphics on this site have been put together by our hard working admins, please do not steal them or claim them as your own. Don’t mess with Dr. Abby doesn’t mention it. She’s not allowed near the studio, and there’s eeason telling how long that will last.

Some site will have popups to sign up but you can exit them. Jackie notices, and Seaso notes that Jackie isn’t used to Abby’s techniques, and she’s not comfortable when Abby starts yelling at the girls. Wasn’t it Chloe last week? Jill’s talk with Abby has made Kendall a target, so when the girl starts crying not even a lot, mind you – she never even stopped dancing Abby declares her “the baby of the group.