Still the harmonies have a nice feel to them, especially teamed with the deeper Carey vocal. The production has a jazzy, romantic feel to it that is enhanced by the background harmonies and bongo drums teamed with the acoustic piano. The lyrics are par for the course for this type of track and get their point across well. May 27, Label: Amazon — iTunes — Google Play. Can he manage to convey his new situation without leaving his core audience, many of whom are still single, behind?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The production to the track has a nice, pulsing feel with a the main melody sounding a little muted underneath the bass at times. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! You are commenting using your Twitter account. March 10, Label: This part has the singer sounding much better as there is far less autotune and his adlib, including his falsetto, are strong showing vocal improvement from his last album.

Co-writer “On One” feat.

Review: Eric Bellinger – Cuffing Season | Kel & Mel Reviews

This part has the singer sounding much better as there is far less autotune and his adlib, including his falsetto, are strong showing vocal improvement from his last album. Music engineermusic producer, singer, songwriter.

Despite the autotune, his vocals are engaging and energetic with the harmonies adding a lushness to what could have easily been a minimalist track. Again, the only complaint is that it feels too short.


Term 2released on March 10, Co-producer ” Anaconda “.

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With its sexy lyrics and club-friendly production, its a nice follow-up to the slower tracks that have preceded it. Retrieved from ” https: The album is enjoyable and gives something different than the money, cash, hoes shtick that has become exceedingly old in mainstream music.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I could easily see how someone could hate this song, but a turn-up track about monogamy is so incredibly rare that the concept alone makes it an interesting listen. The melody has that romantic feel with its slow, lush undertones and tinkling piano. Term 1 inand Eric B for President: FabolousEric Bellinger. Term 2 in Fill in your details insttrumental or click an icon to log in: Despite having efic out more than cufffing months at this point, it still feels as fresh as it did when it was released.

Our only complaint is that it ends too quickly. What saves this song from filler territory is the switch-up about halfway though where the beat drops and Bellinger releases the autotune a little.

Review: Eric Bellinger – Cuffing Season

Co-writer “On The Low” feat. Worth a few listens.

Co-writer “4 Digits” feat. The verses seem to connect to one another but feel disjointed from chorus and bridge. Bellinger and Good met in the mids in Los Angeles, where both were working on music with the same manager before losing contact for a few years, they re-connected later.


There realness of this sentiment cannot be understated and makes the lyrics ring true to a lot of people. Bellinger sings about his lady keeping herself closed off from him and wanting to do whatever it takes to open her heart and teach [her] how to love.

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Swason — Getting the legendary T-Boz from TLC to provide some guest vocals and sampling the groups monster hit Creepthe singer promises his lady that he will never cheat. The production is strangely both dark and bouncy with an upbeat feel that makes you feel like the singer is proud of his relationship. Jennifer HudsonNe-yoRick Ross.

January 20, Label: March 10, Label: The end of the track serves as bridge between this track and the next, slowing things down and asking what made him turn down, the answer being the title of the next track. Notify me of new comments via email. October bellingerr, Label: